What Is Anti Genocide Network?

According to the creators of the Anti-Genocide Network and the AGT digital coin, the media cannot be relied upon to cover the facts. For instance, they claim the Canadian media has helped to cover up over 31 mass graves containing children. Besides that, the media has been silent on over 50,000 kids that disappeared from schools, which were run by the United Church of Canada. The developers of this platform are unhappy that Canadian media has not condemned these actions and demanded that the Judiciary serve justice to native Indians. They question why the media has not highlighted these important issues in Canada. This is despite the fact that Canada promotes itself as a beacon of human rights.

How Anti Genocide Network Blockchain Investigation Will Work

However, they contend that it does not just happen in Canada. The next time it happens, they question who will come to your aid. The funds will be collected via an ICO when users purchase the AGT tokens. All activists from around the world are invited to promote this project.

In the bounty program, the project intends to give away 50% of all funds collected. Anyone can ask for their funds in Bitcoin or other crypto coins according to the points they earn in the bounty program.

Examples Of Conspiracy Anti Genocide Network Sees

Elon Mask once said that the idea of a vehicle running on water was unrealistic. However, scientists such as Dr. Yul Brown and Stanley Meyer have discovered how to use water to drive cars. In most cases, these scientists usually die under mysterious circumstances. In some cases, they have even been sent to jail. In contrast, Mr. Elon has received a lot of praise for the Tesla Car, which was invented by Martin Eberhard.

Many other scientists globally face a hard time when they try to promote their ideas. For instance, economic thermal technology, air-cooling, magnetic motors, reduced fuel usage, and much more. There are numerous examples you can find on YouTube such the Hydroxyl gas technology invented by Dr. Brown.

Another issue they see is the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951. Some of the things that were placed under the dangerous inventions category include cryptography, solar cells that were over 20% efficient, and much more. There are over 5000 items banned under this category, and every year some more are added. Not only in the US but in other nations as well, you will find such laws.

Another notable invention is baking soda. Soviet athletes at the 1972 Olympics injected soda intravenously. This helped them to win over 50 medals at the Olympics. Today, most production standards for soda allow the adding of toxic substances.

They also claim that those who have claimed cancer is a fungus have been arrested or dishonored in the scientific community. According to the developers, this platform is against secret societies, slavery, corruption, and pedophiles, in the government.

To fight these things they intend to decentralize investigations. They will also create a library of knowledge. Additionally, they will offer support to independent media organizations.

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