The developers of this project have a casual approach to life. This project was created for fun, and if you like fun, you should join this project too.

The AntiDepress Project Vision

The aim of this project is to create a blockchain-based system for fun content by providing proof of fun. This developers are comprised of a team that loves memes and other such things on the internet. However, they are disappointed that the only rewards talented jokers on the internet get are likes or retweets. These retweets, reposts, and likes cannot buy anything tangible in the real world.

They will create a system with a token that rewards people for creating funny content. The idea is fun, and the developers of the project have faith that it is going to work. On this platform, if you are a good joker, you will be rewarded for it.

Besides likes and retweets, you will get tokens for being funny. You can then exchange the tokens for real money. The platform is going to be protected with the blockchain, which will mean there is no cheating and no fake reviews.

The blockchain is ruthless, and it will ensure that only the real likes count. This project is being envisioned as a mobile application. You will be able to challenge your friends with your content or that of others. No matter who wins the coins, everyone will get to walk away with a smile and a good mood.

On the AntiDepress platform, there will only be fun. There are no boring articles, useless and unread authors, spam, ads, and automated promoted posts. However, this is not intended as a data mining app. Today, it is quite easy to mine data from everyone. Thus, they are doing this project purely out of fun; it is not to get into people’s phones and mine them for data.

AntiDepress Project ICO Roadmap

The Antidepress project began sometime in September 2017 with the launch of the pre-ICO. Later on, they found a designer for the app. In October 2017, they had plans to use the fund from the pre-ICO to continue with the development of the project. The pre-ICO is still going on, and you can purchase the ANDT tokens. Amongst the things that are going on is the development of smart contracts to ensure this reward program works as it should.

In November, they entered the pre-testing phase, where they also created content to promote their project. Besides that, they also hired more developers to help with the project. From December 2017 to around February 2018, they have been doing a soft launch. During this time, they checked for bugs. After this point, they plan to launch the ICO. Thus, you can expect an ICO to be announced soon.

Why Support The AntiDepress Project

This project is purely made for fun. It may not have a serious tone to it, but the developers genuinely believe in it. They are going to be the first project to monetize fun.

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