Cybersecurity is a matter that often needs collaboration. More often we might hear of an ethical hacker, anti-virus companies, and cyber researchers working together to identify specific points within a network or device that is open to attack from malicious programs or individuals.

With the methodology in use to identify and present threats, the conventional device owner is often left at a disadvantage since they lack the necessary technology that could help determine a malicious breach on their device. However, some ventures are finding it needed to take a much more decentralized approach to our mobile devices security by incorporating blockchain technology. How could blockchain technology possibly address the rise of malware? Well, to ensure that you are protected from malware here a blockchain solution that plans to reimagine the malware detection market.

What Is Anubis?

Anubis is a blockchain-based malware detection system that will allow users to upload any file such as an android or IOS app for automated analysis of any potential risk. The Anubis system will record the behavior of the suspected app by checking on its network communication, its user-interface, the internal function calls and any codes in execution during launch.

While the typical systems might fail to detect the malware, Anubis will incorporate several actions that will enable the triggering of the app's real hidden responses. These actions will include User interaction, incoming messages, and calls, to reveal the true intentions of the app.

The Application Detection Techniques In Use

  • Static Analysis analyze the behavior of the app's code segment to detect any malicious behavior
  • Dynamic Analysis allows for real-time evaluation of the application by putting it in a real environment

How Anubis Identifies The Results

  • Machine Learning Algorithm Analysis
  • Systems call data analysis
  • Permission-based data analysis
  • Reduction of the count of features
  • Combining static and dynamic analysis data

Anubis Blockchain Malware Analysis Tool Benefits

  • More awareness regarding the mobile information security
  • Anubis will also allow for faster response and innovation to malware threats
  • There is greater autonomy on the part of the mobile owner having the ability to conduct scans and achieve results independently
  • Smartphone owners also get to take more significant ownership of the malware risks.

However, despite all these potential advantages with ANUBIS, there is a downside I would foresee with the project. Among those disadvantages include

  • Lack of consistency due to the ever-evolving malware types
  • Using the Anubis threat detection platform might be confusing for first-time users, hence the need for guidance.
  • Mobile phone users often overlook or mischaracterize malware threats
  • Anubis has restrictions on US, China and Taiwan residents

Anubis ANB Token ICO Details

The Anubis token distribution plan will feature three phases for the ICO sale:

The event will feature from April 21st with an ending expected on 28th. The total token supply will stand at 5 million ANB tokens, with a bonus of 25% for each 2,000 ANB purchased.

Starting from May 5th until May 19th, the first general pre-sale will supply 20miilion ANB tokens with a maximum bonus of 15% for each contribution

The last sale offer will occur on June 2nd until June 30th, after the successful completion of the public pre-sale tokens. Each investor will have a minimum contribution of 0.3 ETH from the 40 million supply of ANB tokens.

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