For years, users have submitted huge amounts of data to big companies globally. These companies then sell the data to marketers and others. According to a new report, the world will spend $101.6 billion by 2020 on cybersecurity to protect data. This is up from the $73.7 billion that was spent in 2016. Even with this huge spend; there is no guarantee that cybercrime will reduce. In fact, it is likely to go up as data becomes even more valuable.

Enter, The Blockchain OS

The Anuvys premise of this project is that anything on the internet can be decentralized and it will be decentralized. The OS will be able to process 10,000 transactions a second. Besides that, privacy will be of major importance.

This will be the first blockchain OS that has a major goal of phasing out all other OS that exists. To do this, the creators are making a truly superior product. Decenternet, whose sole goal is decentralizing the internet and society, is creating the OS.

One of the reasons why this project will succeed is scalability, Anuvys will be scalable, which will lead to long-term growth. Besides that, this project offers hyper speed, which is badly needed by society. Decentralization gives power back to the masses.

Anuvys Decentralized Blockchain Native Operating System Features

Coineru-d Card

The ‘currency of life’ has been created to restore trust in the world of finance. This debit card will be easy to set up and can be activated fast. This will happen once the Coineru coins are loaded onto a user account after purchase on the Anuvys exchange. The debit card can be utilized anywhere debit cards are accepted. Thus, there is a seamless transition of personal finances.


The goal is to have the platform created before the ICO stage for the company. This way, Coineru coins can be bought on this exchange at the Decenternet ICO. A major claim of the company is that Anuvys will ensure there is no market manipulation. As a result, this will bring fair pricing to the crypto world.

The crypto world is quite volatile, but this exchange might change that. Other commodities, bonds, futures, and crypto will be added to the exchange in future. This will make it the first decentralized exchange that offers numerous options to the traders.

Mercury d-wallet

It will be a multi-currency wallet, which will be integrated with the Coineru debit card. This way, you can manage all your crypto coin from the phone. With time, other dApps will be added to Anuvys.

Anuvys Summary

In general, Anuvys, created by Decenternet is a great OS. It promises a great product that the whole of society could benefit from. This is a huge undertaking for any company. From a business side, this project makes a lot of sense. Any investor who wants to invest in it will be making the right choice. With issues of data loss, any OS that utilizes the blockchain could bring a lot of benefit to people and huge companies.

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