What Is Aora?

AORA is a blockchain e-commerce solution that seeks to provide consumers with a cost-effective and seamless buying experience that offers the best value. AORA's solutions will provide consumers with competitive shipping rates, FX rates, and process purchase orders at a much efficient scale.

AORA seeks to leverage blockchain technology to establish automated buying for the users and a global web store to connect merchants and customers. The process will augment on price comparison, competitive FX rates, affiliates, and coupons.

How Aora Blockchain Crypto Shopping And Buying Platform Works

AORA intends to apply a global buying concierge mechanism and a social marketplace as the core points of contacts to connect the global merchants to millions of customers. The Social market will allow for cross-border buying service in which the digital shoppers can discover the best products reviewed by other consumers. There will also be a universal shopping cart for seamless buying, with end-to-end logistics available for order fulfillment and product delivery.

Aora Features

AORA intends to incorporate the following features as the selling points to facilitate its operations:

The AORA Merchant Suite

The AORA merchant suite is the smart contract powered platform offering the following set of user capabilities.


Acts as a decentralized payment and transaction network to utilize the AORA currency and allow the pairing between the token and fiat models.

AORA Trust Circle

The verifiability and security of data on the AORA Ecosystem rely on the Trust Circle which is a mechanism to enable trust and actual reviewing of products and merchant services.

AORA Borderless

Data is critical in global e-commerce, and AORA realizes this with the AORA Borderless portal to enable end-to-end universal logistics management service to leverage information on products through blockchain.

Aora Benefits


Consumers get to save on additional time spent on settling global transactions, tracking of the orders and even product or merchant quality.


AORA Pay eliminates the need for financial intermediaries, and this reduces the costs for merchants and customers thanks to the decentralized rebate system.

Shopping Experience

Blockchain technology significantly elevates the trading experience with swift transitions, token conversion, and purchasing process. Using the public ledger also increases the trust in product and merchant quality enabling more comfortable trading.

Consumer Outreach

On a global scale, AORA can easily attract plenty of customers to potential merchants as the e-commerce market is not under a single authority to control its spread or access.

AORA Coin & ICO Details

AORA Coin will facilitate the everyday purchases in the cryptocurrency market for the products. Transactions in AORA will be blockchain-powered with the AORA token offering an accessible and cost-efficient way for the consumers to purchase the products.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Main ICO Date: 31st July 2018 – 30th November 2018
  • Presale Date: 1st October 2018 – 31st October 2018
  • Crowd Sale Date: 1st November 2018 – 30th November 2018
  • Type of Token: ERC-20
  • Total Amount of Tokens Minted: 625,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 20,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD
  • Price per Token: 0.20 USD
  • Currency Accepted: ETH, BTC, USD, SGD

Token Allocation

  • Token purchases- 40%
  • Management and staff- 20%
  • Company reserves- 15%
  • Bounty- 10%
  • Marketing- 13%
  • Advisors- 2%
  • Token offering- 40%

Aora Conclusion

Although e-commerce solutions on the blockchain are plenty, AORA's concept remains ideal since its focuses more on just the trading process but also ensure the whole operation until delivery is put into consideration. Overall, the idea is exciting and should have potential if the right efforts are in place.

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