Apex Network Keen on Improving B2C DApp Development

APEX Technologies is set to launch the APEX Network with an intention of improving engagement for B2C DApp development. The network will provide blockchain-based solutions aimed at developing a new set of B2C applications.

APEX Network will serve customers of the original company (APEX Technologies), which comprises more than 350 midsize and large companies such as Hilton, Lenovo, Maserati, Michael Kors, and DBS.

Better interaction

The team behind APEX Network believes there should be a better interaction between businesses and their customers. The network seeks to improve the interaction by utilizing the blockchain technology. Once implemented, clients of APEX Network will be able to create customized decentralized Applications (DApps), which will improve data privacy and ownership when dealing with consumers.

One of the notable projects of APEX Network is the successful fundraising conducted in early 2018, which generated $25 million. Mentored by the Microsoft Accelerator program, the network now focuses on delivering a modern-day solution to the participants of the B2C market. APEX Network focuses on the complete customer life cycle to make all the transactions and workflows more secure and transparent. In the end, this leads to quality consumer experiences.

Often overlooked

Client satisfaction is often one of the overlooked factors, especially in a capitalist market in which enterprises simply concentrate on outsmarting their competitors. In that situation, customer satisfaction remains at risk as centralization and information hoarding by third parties take place. Consequently, consumers remain with no control over the information regarding them. This can lead to unsatisfying results. APEX believes tackling the following issues could help businesses re-introduce trust in their customers. In that regard, APEX Network seeks to address the following areas:

As for what it calls ‘B2C Interaction Program’, which refers to unproductive loyalty and customer retention management program (CRM), APEX focuses on addressing the purchase behavior of customers rather than long-term engagement.

Blockchain-based Community

APEX Network comes with a blockchain-based that will change how businesses and customers interact, share information, and exchange value via the B2C engagement process.

Once implemented, it will help brands and enterprises develop and distribute decentralized applications that they could use to address issues surrounding marketing, CRM, customer insights, customer experience optimization, and loyalty.

Besides, APEX Network comes with flexibility, scalability, and security. At the same time, the platform will protect customer information using advanced identity management, encryption, and access control.

Finally but importantly, businesses and consumers will be able to utilize the APEX Network for various use cases such as data transactions, gamification, interactive messaging, reward exchanges, IoT interactions, consumer insights, and analytics.

To enhance its operations, the network comes with APEX Wallet, which will operate on both IOS and Android. The wallet will boost APEX Network’s community growth and enterprise collaboration. The wallet comes with the following features:

  • Supporting NEP-5 and ERC-20 coins
  • Multi wallet management and backup
  • Asset transfer through the QR-Code

According to Jimmy Hu, CEO of APEX Network, the blockchain technology is transforming the world economy and the B2C community is not left behind.

“Blockchain technology is a game-changer to the B2C landscape, and has allowed us to upgrade our services and give our clients the ability to better understand and engage with their customers, while providing consumers greater control and privacy over their data. The APEX Node Ecosystem program will serve to facilitate functionality, governance, and infrastructural support for APEX Network, and in turn, will provide value for its stakeholders, community, partners, and participating enterprises. Our plan is to start with a pilot program in Q4 of this year, with a select number of participants,” Hu said.

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