Aphelion Trading Exchange Announces New NEO Android Mobile Wallet

P2P Announces New NEO Android Mobile Wallet

Today, Aphelion a P2P trading exchange part of the NEO Blockchain, has introduced the NEO Android Mobile Wallet. This wallet is modern, in real time and one you can customize your address book and contains a complete token integration.

It boasts top security and protection for its users and their ability to continue to scale bigger, was a priority. This Mobile Wallet by Aphelion with be a key component for them their DEX implementation is ready to go. Future updates will include, but not limited to, Decentralized Exchange Asset Ledger among other P2P technology.

In the simplest terms, wallet-based trading.

Presently, this is only available on the Android market with the iOS version of the Mobile Wallet is said to be released in the near future.

A detailed list is available in the video of its functionality and a tutorial on how to set this Android mobile wallet up for use. In the meantime, here’s a quick snapshot highlights include;

  1. NEO/GAS/NEP5 Support
  2. Transaction History
  3. Able to go Between Testnet/Mainnet
  4. Sophisticated User Interface

And more.

Features that will be released soon are;

  1. Ledger Integration (as mentioned above)
  2. A Login using your FingerprintP2P DEX Integration (currently pending)

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