Apis Capital Management's Tokenized Assets Gets Listing on Nasdaq Fund Market

In a press release uploaded on October 31, Apis Capital Management informed that Nasdaq Fund Network listed the Apis Token (ZAPISX) and it is now available on different networks such as Bloomberg’s Terminal and Yahoo Finance. Earlier this year, Apis Capital Management released a tokenized investment option. The main intention is to ensure a higher degree of security and liquidity.

By using advanced algorithmic and machine learning technology, Apis created accurate models of volatility. In this way, it is able to profit when there are discrepancies between predicted and actual market conditions.

In order to tokenize its fund, the company decided to use the Stellar blockchain that is fast and not expensive to use.

Furthermore, Nasdaq Fund Network is also one of the best platforms in the market for hedge fund and mutual funds. The token is currently registered with the Cayman Stock Exchange. This token is specifically designed not to be traded by US investors. The fund has a proven track record and it has also generated gross annualized returns of over 70% forever two years.

Apis works with accurate models of volatility that allows it to go beyond traditional short volatility trading style that is used by other companies. With this strategy, the company profited even more than other more simplistic short volatility trading strategies.

On the matter, the company explained:

“Apis Capital Management’s models have been successful in anticipating significant moves in volatility such as the spikes that occurred in August 2015, February 2018 and most recently in early October 2018.”

Although these movements have affected in a negative way asset managers that used simplistic short volatility strategies Apis adjusted its portfolio and preserved investor capital. In addition to it, Apis positioned to profit from a continuation of high volatility market conditions.

Apis token is available for foreign investors and US accredited investors can invest using the ACM market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund LP.

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