With the bees’ populations in decline there is an increasing outcry on innovative measures to protect against extinction. APIS Token Beechain is one such venture that aims to play a critical role and contribute to the growth of bee population through bee-keeping. Here's how the platform seeks to fuse blockchain and the art of bee-keeping

What Is APIS Token Beechain?

APIS Token Beechain is a blockchain-based platform with the goal of bringing satisfaction and excitement to the world of bee-keeping through cutting edge technology. Their concept works to incorporate blockchain technology and potential beekeepers from where they can quickly facilitate the management and collective adoption of beehives. In essence, the APIS Token Beechain platform works to accommodate adoptive bee parents who can earn through different options provided by the service.

APIS Token Beechain Features

    • Adoption plan- The bee adoption plan will work under three levels, namely
    • Basic Account- users get to adopt one to nine bee hives with a share output of 1kg of honey for each month
    • Premium Account- get access to select over ten beehives with a 50% share of the production
    • Business Account- for more extensive investors, the business account provides for the adoption of over fifty hives with an additional 50% share of the bee output. Another 25% goes to the bee family growth such as hive management and platform access
    • Shopkeepers-bee products shopkeepers get an offer from the APIS team of the possibility of shaving their bee family extended by three times after three years of relations with the platform
    • Bee eco-products-APIS also provides for virtual web shops and portal from where users get to trade their bee products under independent customization

How APIS Token Beechain Blockchain Honey Bee Adoption Works

APIS Token Beechain will first require users to get the APIS tokens in order to enable payments and access to the APIS platform services and products. With the tokens in place, one can contract and chose an adoption plan they feel best suits them. The adoption plan is verified and the user goes ahead to lock it. From there, the only need is for them to take care of the adopted bees and ensure a profitable return.

APIS Token Beechain Benefits

  • Any adoptive bee parent scan easily sub-contract their cloud mining plan and adopt a bee family
  • All products from the bee families go into a share-distribution plan for the adoptive owner
  • Users get to directly access and customize their hives or eco-products
  • Shopkeepers get a ready market to host and trade their products
  • The adoptive parents have the liberty to make managerial decisions regarding development through the APIS vote system

APIS Token ICO Details

Main Sale phase will become live from the 15th of May till 15th June, 2018

Token Details

  • Ticker- APIS
  • Accepts-ETH, Waves
  • Supply amount- 100 million APIS
  • Price rate- 1APIS=0.012 USD
  • Hard Cap-$960,000
  • Soft cap-$100,000

Token Allocation

  • Public Sale- 80,000,000
  • APIS Mellifera Foundation-7,500,000
  • APIS Team SDD-5,000,000
  • APIS Team BDD- 5,000,000
  • APIS Pool Lottery- 1,000,000
  • Airdrop to WCT holders- 1,000,000
  • Bounty Program-500,000

APIS Token Beechain Conclusion

To sum up, the APIS ICO primarily focuses on building against the annihilation of the bee population under the deteriorating climate. Of course, this makes it a unique idea with actual tangible results from it. However, this also brings challenges in terms of geopolitical risks, and regulations among other risks to consider.


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