The rise of cryptocurrency brought a massive load of positive benefits for a lot of the world's sectors. While the majority of the pros were financial, the technology is having an underlying adverse effect on our environmental progress. Much of this is due to the overall energy consumption that is extraordinarily high when it comes to mining the digital currency. It is clear that with the high energy consumption it could lead to adverse climate impact or even global warming.

Luckily, the same blockchain technology is proven essential once again by providing an alternative option where consumers can source for energy suppliers for the crypto mining needs. If that is not enough, you should hear about the next venture which is a hybrid of an energy supplier and mining pool all-in-one.

What Is Apollo18?

Apollo18 is a blockchain venture with the goal to forge a cryptocurrency ecosystem that can facilitate the growth of crypto infrastructure as well as secure it. The platform aims to provide this through their services which help in ensuring efficient power supply and mining pools for crypto enthusiasts in need of such technology.

These two aspects will achieve that through the use of the Apollo18 token (A18) which happens to be the platform's primary mode of currency. Overall, Apollo18's goal is to have a more robust crypto space by providing the essential services to ensure the continuity of the cryptocurrency footprint.

Apollo18 Renewable Crypto Mining Energy Token Benefits

Apollo18 claims to have a myriad of advantages that individuals who sign up will get to enjoy their venture in general. Some of the potential gains will include

  • Dividends- Apollo18 users will get to enjoy a monthly stipend of all the mining profits the platform receives from the pools. The dividend rates are however eligible for fluctuation.
  • Efficiency- like traditional data centers, Apollo18 will ensure a constant uptime to reduce the technical debt that comes with using faulty equipment for mining. Consequently, users will have an adequate pool with a guarantee of sustenance,
  • Cheaper- Apollo18 entails using the cheapest source of electricity for their mining pools as it is evident with its relocation to the state with the lowest power consumption rates of 5-6 cents/KWh. If the large-scale production begins, Apollo18 could bargain for a 1.6 cents/KWH rate
  • Proven- all the configurations and features of the mining pools and supply market provide highly efficient models since there are products of some of the leading experts in crypto mining.
  • No-fees chargeable- Apollo18 mining pool will not charge any user for utilizing their services, unlike most pools which charge exorbitant gas fees for processes.
  • Security- the Apollo18 will mimic the use of virtual databases (Apollo18 Silos) to help protect the mining pods and any mining details that could be prone to attack.

Apollo18 A18 Coin Cons

  • Open to regulation by the SEC
  • The A18 token is susceptible to fluctuation which could underwrite the whole project

Apollo18 Conclusion

Although the hybrid concept behind Apollo18 is unique, one is not yet satisfied as to whether the project could turn into something profitable or achievable. The lack of a reliable product to back the ICO underwrites the whole project as lacking the grit to become a potential in the long run. Additionally, the development team needs to improve their numbers if they want the project to succeed on a worldwide scale. In short, the whole Apollo18 needs more improvement in most of their venture aspects if they're going to become successful. For now, Apollo18 remains just a project on paper, and there isn't much positive to say about it.

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