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The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly maturing. In the last few months we’ve seen a number of large-scale cryptocurrency investment firms enter the Nasdaq, alongside a rapid increase in value of some of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is now attracting the attention of larger venture capital organizations, and is experiencing a significant rise in adoption rates. Investing in cryptocurrency, however, can be a complex and time consuming process. There are now many different tokens and platforms that can be invested, which makes developing an effective strategy time consuming.

A number of managed cryptocurrency investment firms have recently entered the marketplace. These firms offer investors the ability to invest in a variety of different cryptos and digital assets in one highly diversified fund, managed by experienced investors.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Apollo Capital, Australia’s first crypto fund. We’ll examine the team behind Apollo Capital and find out what they’re offering to help you determine whether it’s worth participating in.

What Is Apollo Capital?

Apollo Capital is a forward-leaning investment platform that is focused on investing and profiting from the cryptocurrency industry. Apollo Capital appears to understand that the value of cryptocurrency platforms lies in the protocols they use, and as such the Apollo Capital platform is focused on investing in crypto assets and not companies.

The Apollo Capital team boasts extensive experience in the investment industry, and brings a unique combination of management skill and crypto insight into the creation of the Apollo Capital fund. The platform offers dedicated portfolio management, and maintains a disciplined portfolio management strategy in order to manage risk and volatility.

Additionally, Apollo Capital offer an established network and series of processes for deal flow, and are able to invest in promising initial coin offerings at a level that offers attractive economy of scale. The platform also incorporates trading and arbitrage strategies in order to add incremental returns. Interestingly, every team member in the Apollo Capital platform will also invest in the Apollo Capital fund.

Who Are Apollo Capital?

The Apollo Capital fund has a comprehensive knowledge of the crypto trade, and boasts extensive experience in global financial markets and VC investing. Together, the team holds more than 16 years of experience in crypto assets, and more than eight decades of experience in venture capital and fund management.

Domenic Carosa, the chairman of the Apollo Capital fund is the CEO of ASX-listed Crowd Mobile LTD, and is the founder of Bitcoin.com.au, Australia’s fastest growing Bitcoin exchange. Henrik Andersson, the CIO of the Apollo Capital fund, brings more than a decade of experience of Wall Street trading to the team, and has worked as a quantitative analyst, a senior research analyst, and in institutional equity sales.

The team is also supported by a network of analysts and advisors that have worked extensively in fund management, corporate strategy, and venture capital.

The Apollo Capital Fund

The stated goal of the Apollo Capital Fund is to “deliver exceptional returns for investors through an actively managed portfolio of crypto assets”. The platform is driven by four key strategies: actively managed liquid crypto exposure in cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, selective initital coin offering investments, opportunistic trading, and statistical arbitrage.

The minimum investment in the Apollo Capital Fund is $50,000 AUD, and incurs a 2% management fee, with a 20% performance fee that is subject to a “high water mark”. Apollo Capital Fund recommend a minimum investment time frame of 3 years, and accept applications on a monthly basis.

Apollo Capital Conclusion

The Apollo Capital Fund is one of the most professional investment funds to hit the crypto ecosystem recently, and is backed by extensively experienced traders. If you’re looking for a high-end crypto fund based in Australia, Apollo Capital Fund is worth consideration.

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