Apollo DAE

Apollo DAE is a unique cryptocurrency platform. Currently, there offer bonus DAE tokens for people who share their lines and people who paper trade on their demo exchange during their ICO period. If you participate in the pre-ICO sale, you’ll also earn bonus tokens.

What Is Apollo DAE?

Apollo is revolutionizing the world of cryptocurrency trading. With an easy-to-use, interactive online platform, they put control in the hands of users. Their approach to cryptocurrency is unique and innovative. Their digital asset exchange, or DAE, gives flexibility and control. Apollo recognized the issue that so many alt coins have appeared on the market only to disappear later on. They realized the instability of many blockchain trading technologies and decided to step in and do something about it.

They are certain that there will always be need for DAEs. They recognize that altcoins and projects will pass by, but maintain that Apollo will remain strong as a unique company that fulfills the needs of traders. By buying their DAE tokens, they say users will have a more stable future and will be able to save smartly.

Users Have Control

Apollo gives users full voting control over how they spend their capital through the use of ETH contracts. Participants who join ICO get exclusive voting tokens, known as AVO. This gives them majority say in how capital is spent and helps keeps users engaged and happy.

Users Pick The Price

In addition to having control over how capital is spent, users also get to deiced how much DAE tokens cost by voting and trading on the demo platform. After the ICO phase, users will enjoy stability in pricing thanks to their MAP pricing system.

Earning Bonus Tokens

There are multiple ways to earn bonus DAE tokens just by participating. The first and most popular method is to get your own personalized like and share it. You’ll earn tokens when people use your link to join. You can also earn tokens by using their demo exchange during ICO and paper trading. Additionally, you can earn bonus tokens by joining the limited spots for their pre-ICO sale.

Apollo DAE ICO Features

Apollo offers 24/7 support, protection against market crashes, a liquid order book, easy to use interfaces, and trading tools that beat competitors. They also promise a 99.99% up-time for their trading platform and assure users that they will always be around as long as they are needed. Once launched, they foresee great success in their trading setup.

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