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Aqua Intel is a new blockchain company that intends to revolutionize the hospitality industry market by introducing decentralization on it. The idea that drives this company is that the hospitality industry uses inaccurate data gathered by using outdated software to create solutions.

Because of this, this company intends to create disruption in this marketplace by using more accurate and comprehensive data to personalize offerings to customers and increase the operational efficiency by using technologies like machine learning.

By using AQUA tokens, the Aqua Intel is able to create loyalty benefits that can be used to make the clients more loyal and content with the service that will be offered to them.

How Does Aqua Intel Work?

The Aqua Intel will be a solution to be used in the hospitality marketplace. It will be powered by the AQUA tokens, which will also be used as token rewards. The objective of the platform is to create a secure and trusted consumer profile that can be really specific and comprehensive based on data that will be gathered and then stored on the blockchain.

The company will be sure that people will be sincere and that they will cooperate with the program. This will create a new token ecosystem that will monetize the rewards that the consumers will get.

Also, it will use AI in a new way: to predict data and generate insights that will help the companies to know more about the clients than they are plainly saying normally.

Aqua Intel’s platform will have an open API, so third party companies will be able to integrate the system to use it. The platform will work based on nodes and master nodes, as many blockchain projects do.

The Aqua Intel Team

Anthony Gelman is the CEO and founder of this company. Other members are Rick Hilton (advisor), Harsha Cuttari (CTO), Tony Lau (advisor), Leon Pashnick (COO), Okechi Onyeje (blockchain developer), Jaian Cuttari (ICO advisor), David Braut (ICO advisor) and Arthur Iinuma (blockchain and cryptocurrency advisor).

The Aqua Intel Road Map

After the AQUA token sale, the company will be working on the development of the platform. The design will be ready by the third quarter of 2018, when the company will also build a management team and begin the development of auxiliary platforms.

On the end of the year, the platform will be integrated into the Ethereum blockchain and will be able to be used on mobile apps. Further development of the network nodes, the blockchain and the AQUA datacenter will be made in 2019.

The Aqua Intel Token Sale

A total of 45% of the AQUA tokens created by the company will be sold in the Initial Coin Offering, while 20% will go to the team, 5% on bounties and airdrops and 30% to the reserve of the platform. The sales have started on May 7 and will last until September 30. Only ETH tokens will be accepted at the rate of 1 AQUA token for $0.25 USD each.

If you buy the tokens soon, you will be able to get discounts that will range from 15% until May 11 to 3% until July 30.

The Aqua Intel Conclusion

This definitely seems like a niche company, but one that might be very useful for its niche and secure a bright future for itself. Because of this, it would maybe a good idea for you to keep an eye on the developments of this company if you are interested in the developments of the hospitality industry.

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