The blockchain application is going green; this is all thanks to the revolutionary water woes solution. It is India’s very first chemical-free platform that has been considered state of the art technology based on the blockchain solution. As we speak about 63.7% of the coins have been sold on the pre-sale, a revolutionary that is about to take place thanks to the Aquaoin platform.

What Is Aquaoin?

The Aquaoin has been considered as the link between the packaged drinking water industry and the revolutionary blockchain solutions. It is a platform that can build a world-class sustainable and reliable infrastructure based in India. The company has been able to provide extensive technology which has been able to convert the salt water into pure drinking water directly.

The Aquaoin is committed to providing clean and reusable water without the use of any chemicals. Thus, the extensive research the company has carried out and the blockchain technology will help in delivering one of the best technology you can find in the market, one that can efficiently clean and also purifies all levels of water.

The primary goal of these projects by Aquaoin is to ensure they have made drinking water available to all, but this is not all, it should also be at the lowest price, this is comparing the current market rates. In future, the company hopes to deliver water-based advanced mechanism and technology for any location, and also make it custom at least for a fraction of the industry cost.

Aquaoin AQN Token & ICO Details

But this is not all as the company is working on an ICO that will allow the various investors around the world to stake tokens. All this will help in facilitating in funding the various water recycling projects that will be taking place. The company aims to allow the multiple investors to contribute to solving the water problem that has been taking place for decades.

At the same time, with the tokens, the investors will also get paid for the good they are contributing to the society. At the moment about 63.7% of the tokens have already been sold in presale, a significant move that investors in the community are taking. So, if you want to be a part of this significant movement and give back to the environment while still getting paid, ensure to purchase your coins.

Also, an important note to mark is the crowd sale that will start in the next 25 days, mark this on your calendars. When you join the crowd sale, the company is giving away a 10% bonus. Nothing sounds better than giving back while still being paid.

India's Clean Drinking Water Blockchain Project Solution

As we have seen over the years, the blockchain technology has proved to be the optimal solution, this is for the decentralized exchange of value and also in the creation of digital assets. But this is not all as the blockchain technology has also been able to create less expensive, secure and also efficient methods that investors could use to exchange their ownership of digital assets, all this done on a global scale.

Bitcoin was the very first blockchain digital asset that showed us all this is possible. As a result, the increasing popularity of this coins clearly shows that digital asset is slowly becoming the alternative asset for most investors. Thus leading the Aquaoin platform to take advantage of this opportunity of doing good while still giving the various investors a return.

Aquaoin Conclusion

The platform has planned on utilizing every type of water through proper filtering and recycling processes. As a result, this will be able to convert the water into pure drinking water that the community can use. Not forgetting all this done at the cheapest rate possible.

So if you are into making a difference in your community while still gaining a return, then you should invest in the Aquaoin platform, go ahead and purchase the tokens.

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