Aramco is an oil producing company that came up with the Aramco coin, which is a digital currency supported by verified oil reserve assets. Aramco coin originated from the idea of having a strong currency that has a backing on raw materials. The coin allows companies and individuals to make use of the transparent exchange of digital currency with essential value that arises from oil.

Every Aramco coin stands for the worth of a single barrel of crude oil. It will be supported by a stern interest in a bundle of oil assets like Oil Future and Physical Oil plus every interest in all properties used for producing oil. The total value got after adding all interests represents the approximate value of every Aramco coins that are in circulation.

How ARAMCO Works

Aramco uses blockchain technology to make the market democratic and fair. This ensures companies and investors save money in the process. The blockchain allows the platform to reduce charges brought about by asset trading. The blockchain facilitates the transfer of information and value with no third party involved. The Aramco platform gives the tools needed to face the challenges encountered during the creation of platforms and financial instruments to make them efficient and transparent.

Aramco coin will be a major crypto asset with a backing of oil assets as the driver for the building of a transparent and open digital economy that is open for participation with stakeholders directly involved.

Aramco coin is categorized as a utility token that facilitates transactions of a variety of assets on the Aramco blockchain. The token also acts as a mode of exchange and as store of value. It can be used when participating in the Aramco liquidity pool—for supplying the pool with assets that are new and fresh and hence receive payouts on a daily basis to users' wallets in form of cryptocurrency. The token will serve as a means for firms to have a listing on the Aramco platform hence attracting transaction fees for using the platform.

Benefits Of Choosing The ARAMCO Platform

BlockchainAramco is the first company in the world to use blockchain for investments in the oil field. Aramco Coin supports the using of public blockchain for private transactions. The platform uses a secure method when listing assets in the cryptocurrency economy by use of capabilities for record keeping that only blockchain provides.


Aramco ensures complete openness throughout all stages of investment, production stage, and the buying back of Aramco tokens. The decentralization of digital data exchanged between users is possible due to the blockchain technology. The process of recording transactions is always transparent, traceable, cannot be reversed, and is not corrupt.

High Returns

Users that invest in the Aramco coin during its starting stages are able to get returns in profit of even up to 100% hence the usefulness of the platform. Aramco coin was established with the aim of becoming the most valued and the best token giving company. The platform enables digital currency holders who seek to store their wealth avoid losses hence transferring value through purchase and sale of tokens.

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