ARAW Token

What Is ARAW?

ARAW is a new blockchain company that will release a new token soon. Its main goal is to provide an end-to-end solution for e-commerce companies and a “touch and pay” crypto card, as well as online payments with cryptocurrencies powered by the blockchain technology.

ARAW Objectives

The company intends to create a transparent unified system that will be adopted by a lot of people. They want to create a connected ecosystem with ARAW Pay and ARAW Touch and Pay Card. Other plans include creating a plug and play widget, cashback options so the clients are protected (which is something that is not very common on the blockchain).

Basically, ARAW will be an end-to-end solution because it will give everything that you really need to buy products online will full safety or to offer these products and self manage your own business. ARAW will be a transparent ecosystem that will unite customers and stores.

The objective of the company is to launch the platform until 2019 and continue the operations during the following year, focusing on the American and Asian market while initially it will be focused in the European one.

How Will ARAW Blockchain E-commerce Work?

The ARAW platform will integrate e-commerce business and a decentralized payment method that will be created on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This will enable merchants and consumers to exchange tokens among them via smart contracts that will, unlike most smart contracts, allow cashbacks.

The ecosystem will be created by many different products, some of which will be explained later on this article. They are Aray Pay online payments, the e-commerce marketplace, the Araw Card Touch & Pay, the open API platform, the banking system, Araw Mobile Wallet, the crypto exchange and the Ethereum blockchain.


The main way to access the ARAW ecosystem will be via the ARAW Pay option, which will be a widget that will allow the site to accept payments consisting of ARAW tokens. By installing this app, you will be apple to connect with the API of the company and receive the ARAW tokens directly into your wallet.

Because of this, ARAW Pay will be the most important piece of the e-commerce marketplace that the company intends to create and support.


With the ARAW Card, you will be able to use the ARAW tokens to make purchases even outside of the internet, making micropayments at places like malls, supermarkets and coffee shops. The cards will be linked to your ARAW Mobile Wallet, an app that you can download on your phone. All that you have to do is to charge your wallet with tokens and you will be able to use them freely.

ARAW Token ICO Details

ARAW tokens will be ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens that will start to be sold during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which will last from July 1 to August 30. The sale will have a total of 3,500,000,000 ARAW tokens, which are 70% of the total supply.

To participate, you have to be whitelisted after Know Your Customer produces that you can make until June 30. The soft cap will be 5,000,000 USD and the hard cap will be 25,000,000 USD. Only ETH will be accepted as a method of payment for the tokens.

ARAW Conclusion

This company definitely looks like one that will have a bright future because it has big plans and it looks really prepared to try them for real. We believe that investing in this company can be a good idea, as there are plenty of chances that ARAW will be able to raise the value of its tokens after some time.

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