In every investment, the probability of making a profit equals the risk the investor is willing to take. However, this volatility does not imply neglecting of the funds, and it is imperative that the investments be safeguarded until the investor achieves the desired goals. During crowdsales, both the token supplier and prospective buyers are risking their assets, hence the need for both parties to secure their investments.

Arbi is a firm that specializes in securing investor funds during ICOs, so that their customers have peace of mind while conducting their business transactions. Moreover, the company also provides legal services to token suppliers who decide to use crowdsales as means of fundraising.

Who Is Arbi Meant For?


Here, the company ensures that funds are safe during the crowdsale. In case of suspicious activities or non-compliance, the client is refunded.


By providing cutting-edge legal services, Arbi guarantees projects that their ICOs will meet the regulatory threshold. Also, projects affiliated to Arbi are likely to attract loaded investors who have reservations in investing in little-known crowdsales.


For professionals, Arbi provides a platform through which they can showcase their knowledge in Escrow. Furthermore, workers can build on their reputation and experience by serving alongside prominent names in the ICO Escrow industry.

What Is Escrow?

This is an online payment platform where funds are temporarily held. The purpose for this is to enhance the safety of the entire transaction, all the way from collection, storage to distribution.

When the ICO project wants to access funds in Escrow, they have to liaise with a team of experts, who have to affirm the transaction.

Arbi Escrow Service

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is the talk of the town (or the internet). The obsession with the digital currencies is unreal, and the topic is trending on all popular social media sites. The rate at which the value of cryptocurrencies is surging is particularly tempting, hence the unexplained craze. As a result, investors are jumping onto the bandwagon, wanting to participate in every ICO they bump into. While most of the crowdsales are genuine, a considerable portion are scam projects seeking to defraud unsuspecting clients.

Arbi Escrow Service eliminates the possibility of falling victim to fraud, as investor funds are not directly given to ICO owners. Instead, the money is deposited in an Escrow account as Arbi experts evaluate the authenticity of the ICO in play. During this period, the Arbi professionals examine whether the project is meeting the goals set out in its roadmap and white paper. If the project is progressing as per the set guidelines, the funds are transferred from Escrow to the ICO. Otherwise, the investor gets their money back.

Advantages Of Enlisting Arbi Services

Security – with Arbi, investors are certain of success, as every step of an ICO undergoes thorough scrutiny before injection of funds.

Transparency – Arbi guarantees clients of transparency by eliminating the possibility of fraud.

Confidence – ICOs that are accredited by Arbi, have a vote of confidence among clients.

Community – Arbi aims to create an ecosystem of escrow experts within the cryptocurrency sphere.

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