ArbitraCoin ATC ICO Review

As the crypto market continues to flourish, many trading platforms/ exchanges that exist today are being faced with issues of time lags, delays, transactional disputes etc. This is because most of these services had not envisioned the scale at which cryptocurrencies would grow.

To be more specific, we can see that Ethereum and Bitcoin have risen astronomically in value within the past year alone. The value of Bitcoin was a mere $900 in 2016, but by the end of 2017, its value had touched $20,000.

About ArbitraCoin ATC

Simply put ArbiTraCoin (short for Arbitrage & Trading) can be thought of as an “independent self-regulated financial system” that aims to make customer payments easier and more streamlined. It is completely decentralized and does not make use of third party organizations such as banks, governments or financial institutions. In addition to this, ArbiTraCoin has been made using an open-source code, thereby enabling maximum user participation.

Some of the other key aspects of this platform include:

(i) Speed:

ArbiTraCoin can be transferred instantly due to the fact that it is based within a decentralised network. The company does not make use of central servers, and all of the transactions are spread across multiple servers (thereby ensuring complete anonymity of all involved personnel).

(ii) Cheap:

Apart from its speed of transfer, ArbiTraCoin charges its customers with very low processing fee charges (especially when compared to regular banks).

(iii) Data Security:

As mentioned earlier, all of the transfers/ payments are done via the use of multiple servers, thereby ensuring that sensitive data cannot be hacked into and retrieved by miscreants.

(iv) Investment Opportunities:

To help users maximize their returns, ArbiTraCoin provides all of its customers with several “investment opportunities” (lending, staking etc).

How Does it Work?

According to the information we could gather from the company’s whitepaper, we can see that Arbitracoin works via the use of a “highly complex AI module” which in turn makes use of automated monitoring algorithms. The platform  actively keeps track of the value of hundreds of cryptocurrencies across 90 online exchanges (so as to find the lowest price on each asset).

The core AI has been designed to automatically “buy low and sell high” if there are enough funds available within the users account. All of the profits made via these trades are then aggregated by the system, and subsequently shared amongst investors (based upon their chosen investment plans).

Why Choose ArbitraCoin ATC?

(i) Self Regulated:

As mentioned earlier, the financial system used by this platform is “Open Source based” and allows for a number of unique features such as

  • Anonymous Multiple Investment Opportunities
  • Limited Coin Release (so as to curb issues related to inflation)
  • Easy Money Transfer

(ii) P2P:

All of the transactions are done via the use of a Peer to Peer network, thereby ensuring that no central authority can interfere with any of the transactions taking place within the system.

(iii) Ease of Transfer:

All monetary transfers that take place between the users digital wallets are completed within a matter of seconds.

(iv) Anonymity:

All of the payments that take place within the ArbiTraCoin ecosystem are carried out in a discreet/ anonymous fashion. Users are able to see every transaction within the blockchain, but no third party individual can ever access the transaction records.

What are the Lending and Staking Options being Offered to me?

(i) Lending: there are five primary packages to avail of:

  • Investment: 100-1,000 USD; Interest Accrued: Up to 60% per month; Capital Returned After: 250 days.
  • Investment:1,010-5,000 USD; Interest Accrued: Up to 60% per month + 0.15% daily interest; Capital Returned After: 200 days.
  • Investment: 5,010-10,000 USD; Interest Accrued: Up to 60% per month + 0.25% daily interest; Capital Returned After: 125 days.
  • Investment:10,010-100,000 USD; Interest Accrued: Up to 60% per month + 2% daily bonus; Capital Returned After: 100 days.
  • Investment:100,010-1,000,000 USD; Interest Accrued: Up to 60% per month + 2% daily bonus; Capital Returned After: 60 days.

(ii) Staking: the available schemes have been outlined below:

  • 1-6 months (February 2018 to July 2018); 16.6% interest per month.
  • 6-12 months (August 2018 to January 2019) 13.3% interest per month.
  • 12-18 months (February 2019 to July 2019) 10% interest per month.
  • 18-24 months (August 2019 to January 2020) 6.66% interest per month.

ArbitraCoin ATC ICO Token Details

In all, there will be a total of 80,000,000 ArbitraCoin ATC coins that will be sold via the use of a round based system. Depending upon the time of purchase, the price of each token will be set accordingly. For example, if an investor makes a purchase between the 1st and 10,000,000st coin, he/she will pay a price of 0.10 USD, per coin.

Distribution of Funds

  • 30% of all collected revenue will be used to promote ArbiTra Coin all across Europe and North America (so as to increase its market visibility and appeal).
  • Another 30% will be used for platform maintenance.
  • 20% of all funds will be used for the further development of the parent ecosystem (so as to fix any bugs, existing issues).
  • The remaining 20% will be used to enhance the functionality of the core software code which the platform runs on.

For any further details pertaining to this platform, customers can get in touch with company officials via one of their many social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or BitCoinTalk.

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