Arbitrage Coins

Arbitrage Coins, found online at, promises to provide the most advanced cryptocurrency arbitrage robot. Find out if it’s legit today in our review.

What Is Arbitrage Coins?

“Arbitrage” refers to the process of buying coins at a low price on one exchange, then selling them for a higher price at another exchange. Arbitrage Coins is a platform that promises to provide 1,000 arbitrage opportunities per month. Those opportunities are completed via a trading robot. The developers describe their trading system as “the most advanced cryptocurrency arbitrage robot” on the internet today, and claim that the robot “makes money in your sleep”.

The developers – who also refuse to disclose their name or location – claim there’s “no risk” involved in their process, and they guarantee that all traders will make “good profits” every month.

Obviously, the cryptocurrency world is filled with sleazy companies that promise big profits and easy money from automated trading software. Is Arbitrage Coins a legitimate investment opportunity? Or is this yet another trading platform that won’t live up to its promises?

How Does Arbitrage Coins Work?

Arbitrage Coins consists of a cryptocurrency exchange bot. That bot is dedicated to finding gaps in cryptocurrency prices between exchanges. The bot, on average, finds 1,000 arbitrage opportunities every month. After identifying an opportunity, the bot will complete that trade automatically. The bot promises to make consistent profits, and all profits are delivered to your account with every trade.

The platform claims to offer 23 coin pairs. Today, they have over 650 traders using the platform, with 12,000+ trades performed to date. They don’t explain the average profit or losses experienced by these traders. However, the Arbitrage Coins website seems to claim that you can expect a consistent daily profit. If the trading robot is making 1,000+ trades every month, that means your account is processing about 30 trades per day.

The platform also describes its platform as a “risk free trade” system. When someone claims their platform offers a “risk free” investment, it means you’re not going to lose money – so Arbitrage Coins appears to guarantee profitability.

The website also explains that, “We have sent out an average of over 1,000 arbitrages per month to our traders who have made good profit without a risk!”

So yes, Arbitrage Coins all but guarantees that you can expect big profits through the platform.

Some of the exchanges supported by the platform include major names like Gemini, Bitfinex, Bittrex,, Yobit, C-CEX, GDAX, Bitmex, Quoinex, and others.

How To Use Arbitrage Coins

Arbitrage Coins is free to signup. You sign up, deposit money, then get started:

Step 1) Sign up and verify your email address

Step 2) Login with your username and password

Step 3) Go to the deposit page and deposit funds into one of Arbitrage Coins 12 different cryptocurrency wallets

Step 4) Begin making “good profits” with “no risk” whatsoever

Who’s Behind Arbitrage Coins?

The domain was registered in June 2017. Aside from that information, we have no information about who’s running the company, what their background is, or why they’re qualified to handle your investment. The company doesn’t provide any contact information (aside from an email form), any location info, or other things you need to know.

The “About Us” page vaguely describes the company as a “team of experience [sic] IT developers” who are “skilled in over 15 programming languages.”

The website never lists a single name involved with the project – so it’s hard to verify any of the claims made by Arbitrage Coins.

Based on the grammar and language used on the official website, it appears that the platform is run by an India-based team.

Arbitrage Coins Conclusion

Arbitrage sounds like a great concept: you’re buying coins at a low price from one exchange, then selling them at a higher price on another exchange. Unfortunately, arbitrage opportunities are difficult to find – especially in today’s cryptocurrency markets, where liquidity is growing every day, and gaps between exchanges will rapidly close.

Arbitrage Coins claims to beat this system to generate consistently profitable trades. The company advertises its platform as a “no risk” investment opportunity that will consistently generate profitable trades on your behalf. You just give the platform a bunch of money, and it will automatically generate enormous returns. Arbitrage Coins claims you’ll never lose money – after all, it’s risk free.

Ultimately, when something is too good to be true on the internet, it’s generally a scam. Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities have mostly disappeared. Unless you’re trading over $100,000 worth of cryptocurrencies, you’re unlikely going to make significant returns by trading between exchanges. Arbitrage Coins also provides zero transparency regarding its background, team, location, or history.

Until Arbitrage Coins releases more information about itself online, it doesn’t appear to be a legitimate “no risk” investment opportunity.

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  1. I have been trying to withdraw the small the small deposit I made for the past 2 weeks without success !! They don`t give support and don`t reply my emails. I don`t know what it is happening, I just want my coins back.

    Be carefull, it is looking like a SCAM.

    • You are right. I have been trying to make a withdrawals for the past two months it has not been successful.
      they only accept your deposits but you cannot withdraw. my withdrawals have been in pending state for the past months even after the 2FA.
      It is a big scam, they are faceless, No address, they just inserted a fake address on their website recently. they claim to be operating from Malta. just as you claim they do not provide support. Even when you send them a thousand emails , do not expect a response. the internet is full of criminals. these ones are real criminals. they do not have an identity, no individual’s name is associated with them. they have now dropped their request for user to send their ID and personal details to them before you could withdraw when they only exist in the cyberspace. your details could be used as members of criminal organisations.
      People should campaign in the social media to raise awareness of this fraud so that their website could be closed down to stop them from scamming innocent people.

      • Hmmm… Thats weird. I made money using this site…. Ive been using this site for 2 months…they are a little slow at times but still made my profits though

    • SCAM! SCAM !! SCAMMERS!!! RUN! RUN!! RUN!! Please, don’t look back. Indian scammers.all the commentators here are paid agents from arbitrage. you will never be able to withdraw your funds and will lost them forever. Please, be warned. many have been scammed by them. please, do not even look at their website.

  2. ARBITRAGECOINS It’s a scam, they will take your money, you cannot withdraw from them. DO NOT USE, BEWARE! They will allow you support until the moment you withdraw, and you can’t chat with the owner any more once you withdraw.

  3. it is a real software,and it works hard(instant support and help in every aspect is happening),,definitely use it.!
    it makes good income,this is super something,,

    • Instant support? really? I sent them tons of Emails couse I sent Eth from Binance and it never arrived and I have been asking them for help with no luck they are for sure a scamers

  4. Actually it is fixed now! The only had an issue regarding the 2FA implementation but it is fine now.

    Their support is also working fine.

    Thanks guys from the Arbitragecoins.

  5. Excellent experience. Staff is very good. They have enhancement on site and it is ever better now. I withdraw successfully two times. Usually you have to wait some time, most 24 hours for withdrawal. It is good for security actually. Support is very good. Always answer. Also i made profit immediately first day and continue. My honest review is 9 of 10. If they put 2FA it will be 10 deffinitely.
    Best Regards
    Aleksandar Dordjevic

  6. Yes I had some issues earlier, but ever since the 2FA has been implemented, the deposits,withdrawals, and the bot’s trade are super efficient…

  7. I’ve been using this site for approximately 2 months already. Everything is great. I made a profit of 670 USD so far. Thumbs up.But as a friendly advice, I do urge you guys to improve your live chats because it sometimes takes an hour for a respond.Other than that, great job!

  8. I’ve been using this site for 3 months now… There were issues here and there earlier but now I eventually I profited a reward I will give a positive review.i would rate this site 9/10.Gj guyss

  9. Made alot of profit from this site. Wont stop using it. I thought it was going to be scam due to some of the reviews. Until i tried it out for myself. Here’s my advice, if you still lack of trust to try out this software. The minimum deposit is only 10usd if im not mistaken… Try with the minimum amount.
    Thanks for introducing this software 🤘

    Suzzane Griffin

  10. Feeling satisfied a relieved…i got profit on the first day of trying it. The withdrawal process is pretty quick.. Thumbs up

  11. Love this software.Very very grateful for this site. Ive made alot of profit from this. Based on someof the reviews i thought it would be a scam.Luckily i tried it out.will not stop using this site. Thxx guys for this absolutely awesome software.


  12. Just withdrawed my 440 usd today.. Very excited and im so happy because for a moment i thought my withdrawal will not go through based on some of the reviews here.. Well, probably it is some of the competitors who are paying the negative commentators…or maybe not (not here to judge). But from my point of view, im very happy and satisfied with the system.. Its unique, profitable and of course trustworthy. Im giving this good review because they deserve it and nothing else.As long as im making my money, im happy 😀.

    Best regards, christie

  13. Very very very pleased with the system. Love this site.. Wouldnt even hesitate to use this system again and again. Security is good and the withdrawals are quick, the live chats are helpful and i am sure that im in good hands..

  14. SCAM SCAM SCAM, on my first attempt of withdrawing it sat ‘pending’ for about 2 weeks, they then upgraded their site and it disappeared, so now they have no record of my withdrawal. I then tried to withdraw .02 ETH and received .006 ETH into my account. Every time I question them on the chat they do not answer. They are cheaters and scammers and I would not recommend this site to anyone. They will make it look like you make money but when it comes to withdrawing , you will either not get anything at all or you might get about 20% of your funds.
    DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!!!!!!

  15. Started off with usd100, after 2 weeks, did a full withdrawal and received it into my account within 24 hours… After that i tried with a bigger amount usd1000 and tried withdrawing it the very next day and again it was in my wallet within 24 hours… Now it has been almost 4 months with them and i dont seem to encounter any issues with them at all. I have already doubled up my investment and im very happy with the service.. Recommended for lazy traders like me😂😂

  16. is a faceless group of online scammers who deceive their victims with a fictitious crypto bot that claims to return 1% profit to its investors as USI Tech also announces.
    I was hoodwinked into investing with this platform by a post in Ether Delta about four months ago.

    I had some issues with Ether Delta and a contributor offered to give a suggestion and posted a link to Arbitrage coins.
    Out of curiosity, I followed the link to know more about the site and what they do.

    On the site, on the chat column, I was greeted by a rather elated chat attendant who enumerated the benefits of using their platform.
    I was still new to cryptos, and having been concerned at the volatile nature of the market decided to give a go to the so called arbitrage coins platform.
    After I had deposited about 2.227Eths to the platform, I had a sudden buyer’s remorse feeling; that I might have really overlooked something, an important aspect of the bargain. I.e. to know who really these guys were their true identity, where they were operating from, their affiliates and business registration.

    To my surprise, their “about us” page gives no clue as to who they were; their “contact us” page was vague with no contact information other than a webpage form, which I later found out was not working. There were no telephone numbers to contact them with, nor twitter or telegram handles. I became sceptical, and the natural instinct was to withdraw the funds as quickly as possible before anything else could happen. That was when the whole thing started unfolding, they would not allow me to withdraw a dime. My withdrawal requests met a brick pending wall.
    I contacted them through the chat outlet, I was told that I needed to submit my personal identification details before I could make a withdrawal.

    I said wait a minute, who are these faceless people asking me for my ID? What do they want to use my ID for? They do not have identity, it would be suicidal for one to give out your personal information to such a group when you do not know who they are.

    Your details may end up in the registration list of outlawed criminal gangs and organisation. I asked them to reveal their identity to me, the chat man said they were from Malta. After, I insisted on having my funds back, by November last year, they said they were having 2FA being put in place and that after that I could withdraw my funds.

    I waited till January 2018, got the 2FA sorted out, then was very eager to withdraw my funds and there I went and hit the withdrawal button and the almighty “pending withdrawal” wall resurfaced. And it has been standing tall like the wall of Jericho of old up till this moment.

    I understand others have been so similarly treated. And I also now understand the fraudsters are from India.
    They still operate, their website is still online, and attracting more victims. They now have a funny YouTube channels also advertising their poisonous scam.

    How do the cyberspace bring these scammers to book as I write? Would they continue to scam forever?

  17. Deposited 100 USD to try it out and works perfectly fine…Withdrawed 120USD in two weeks.. After that i put in 1000 USD and withdrawed 1700 in two months.. Just withdrawed it today.. Very satisfied and the live chat is very helpful too. Best regards, Jeremiah

  18. Ove been in this line for many years and ive havent seen such site that offers something thatvis too good to be true. Was a little curious so gave it a try.. I invested 50 usd at first and surprisingly profited 15 usd.. . So i tried it with 250usd and withdrawed 325 usd the next month.. Its legit and im proud to say.. I will not stop using this bot to trade..

    David Rogero Marchell

  19. These guys are scam, stay away from them and those who are giving positive comments are all their fake accounts. you can never withdraw your funds. i can only stay never trust them your funds will be pending forver and they will never reply you. stay away from these scammers.

  20. These guys are scam stay away from them. theyhold my Ltc withdrawal and noone is replying . people who are giving positice reviews can u provide screenshot for withdrawal . no evidence fake webiste fake scammers.

  21. Hello,i really love what this site can do..i thought it was fake and thought i had to kiss my money goodbye as i put in my only0. 7 btc.. Due to all the negative reviews..but thankfully they were genuine and the withdrawal was pretty quick too..

  22. I wonder why there are negative reviews about this site.Are they fake reviews? Because i had no problem with the site and i was making money with the bot.. By the way i just withdrawed 340usd earlier today with no issues at all. As long as i get my money, im happy with it. 5/5 ratings for me..

  23. Im so happy with the system… Just withdrawed my 110 usd.. Everything is working perfectly fine and i will use the refferal code to invite my friends to try this site out too.

  24. Hi , just want to update my comment. i got my balance but still i will not recommend this site to anyone why? becuz u cannot get support . i message them email them may be all day again and again. i thought my LTC is gone . but i got it in the morning but the thing is that crypto market is very uncertain and speculative . if u dont have ur funds in time u will lose alot of money these days market is down
    my LTC is not as much worth as it was before. i can sell my LTC before the crash. but anyways its very frustrating to withdraw your money. their identity is unknown. users dont have separate wallet addresses. if you dont believe me copy paste the wallet address in google u will find your answer. if though if you search the address on blockchain explorer u will find the address with num of transactions . so if you get lucky and get the support they will ask you what amount you want to withdraw/ deposit they cant figure out by our wallet . anyways in the end i want to say stay away from
    this easy fake money. invest on binance other known exchanges where u have control of your own money and u will get better return and peace of mind than investing in this exchange. Its almost impossible to get your funds out of their exchange i am
    still not believeing i get my LTC may be i told them yesterday that i want to deposit more or i dont knw. i get my ltc m
    done . lesson learnt: never ever invest again in my life without researching.

    • Had some wallet address issue previously before the 2fa implementation but it is solved now.. yes you are right they are not an exchange platform so we should not expect instant execution by the way I am really happy with their service keep it up guys

    • They have a very good support team at the live chat giving us fast reply to our questions almost 24 hours either one of them will be around… even some of the five-star exchanges do not have this kind live support where we can get an immediate assistance.. sometimes make me wonder if their competitors are out there to tarnish their name..anyway thumbs up and keep up running the bot smoothly

      Regards, Michael

  25. Everything is working perfectly fine, the withdrawals were quick but i do suggest you hire more live chat agents because it sometimes takes a while for a respond..comparing it with the Big sites though.. Like Poloniex, etc.. They dont have a live chat service..This is good enough but it is my suggestion to make your site a perfection..

  26. These guys are brilliant.. It first seemed impossible because it was too good to be true. I gave it a try with 10usd and withdrawn 25usd the very next 2 weeks.. Then i tried it out with a hundred usd and withdrawn 130 usd the next month.. Very pleased with the site especially after 2fa had been implemented.. Simply Brilliant!!

    Mark Benhington

  27. Tbh.. This site is really great because it is unique. Ive made profits and haven’t had a loss in 3 months…this site is highly recommended because being in this line for almost 18 years, i know that this bot is one of its kind and it can do wonders…

  28. Thank you for making my withdrawals come through… Some of the reviews were saying that this site is a scam and I thought i will lose all my money…i informed the live chats and the withdrawal came through the very next day.. Thanks guys!

  29. 10/10 for me… Everything is smooth, especially the withdrawals and i made my profits.. Will never stop using this bot to trade… Luckily you guys arent a scam, like what some prople say… Tq guyss


  30. This Is Scam site Running. They are tricky fraud I Invested 0.1 lite coin to deposit first week just they trade thetren usd and show to balance increase and they are withdraw my deposit lite coin 0.1 and asking them yourself doing the withdraw. It Has a scam beware your deposits.

    • First of all i hardly understand what you are trying to say Ram..From what I know your profits are send to tether and when you request for a withdrawal it will be sent to any coins and you are able to withdraw from there…
      I have an account with them for almost 5 months….really happy…my capital more than doubled now….and have withdrawn my initial fund. After the version 2 things are really smooth.. .Their live chat is super efficient…instant action is taken….
      Well as for me this company is genuine …

      • Im sorry, they were right.. I just wthdraw my litecoin. It just took a little bit time… I am sorry for the bad review and thank you.

  31. Tq for introducing this site because finally there is one site that is not a scam..For a single mom, i cant afford to lose anymore of my money on stupid scams! I havr made back all the money i loss by using this bot..I will be one of your regular customers.

  32. Tq guys… Really appreciate your help, the live chats were really helpful especially Mr.Edwin… I have just withdrawn 320usd.. Everything went smooth. As I requested for a withdrawal, my money went through the very next day…

  33. Havent seen a site this fabulous and im telling you, dont trust the negative comments…theyre all fake.. Because i made my money and that’s that..

  34. SCAM!! This site is total fraud! And so are these positive comments!

    I’m waiting for a couple of days now and chatted every day with these guys. Every time they say my money will get deposited but nothing happens. And when i suggest that their site feels like a scam they guy freaks out and starts to blackmail me!

    [09:29] Wim: Hello?
    [09:29] Raymond has joined the conversation
    [09:29] Raymond: Hi
    [09:29] Raymond: How can I assist you
    [09:36] Wim: hi i did a withdrawel
    [09:37] Wim: but it is stil not i my wallet
    [09:38] Wim: Talked to yoi about this two days ago
    [09:39] Wim: you said you had to do this by hand
    [09:39] Wim: talked to Edwin yesterday
    [09:39] Wim: he said it would be in my wallet winthin 6 hours
    [09:39] Wim: now it is still not there…
    [09:39] Wim: it is a very small amount just as a test
    [09:39] Wim: but this is very tedious
    [09:40] Raymond: Wim
    [09:40] Wim: yes
    [09:40] Raymond: Just a moment
    [09:41] Raymond: Checking with accounts
    [09:41] Raymond: What is your withdrawal amount
    [09:41] Wim: 0.018831
    [09:41] Raymond: Btc?
    [09:41] Wim: yup
    [09:42] Raymond: Don’t leave this chat
    [09:42] Wim: i wont
    [09:42] Raymond: Just a moment
    [10:11] Raymond: Wim Are you there
    [10:16] Wim: yes
    [10:19] Raymond: When did you put in your withdrawal ..can i have the exact date please
    [10:19] Wim: File : 30-01-2018
    [10:21] Raymond: Ok
    [10:21] Raymond: It will be processed within 6 hours
    [10:22] Raymond: No worries
    [10:22] Wim: thats what you said two days ago and your colleague yesterday
    [10:22] Raymond: Some technical issue
    [10:22] Wim: ok… your site feels more and more like a scam
    [10:22] Wim: will wait another 6 hours
    [10:23] Wim: glas i didn’t put in the big bucks
    [10:23] Wim: glad
    [10:23] Raymond: Do you want back your coin or NOT
    [10:23] Raymond: Really really hate when people call us a scam
    [10:24] Wim: are your now going to blackmail me?
    [10:24] Raymond: You can assume whatever
    [10:24] Raymond: Please show some respect when you chat with us
    [10:24] Wim: look at it form my point of view, every dollar i put in i have to chat with you guys to get it deposited
    [10:25] Wim: every dollar i want to get out also
    [10:25] Wim: i;ve been very repectfull
    [10:25] Wim: im just waiting for days now and every time you guys say it is going to take another 6 hours [10:25] Wim: thats weird
    [10:25] Wim: dont you think
    [10:26] Wim: and i have to chat and wait for 30-40 minutes every time
    [10:27] Raymond: If you have no patience then this is not the proper platform for you
    [10:27] Wim: maybe that is true
    [10:27] Wim: i’ll wait for another six hours
    [10:28] Wim: thanks Raymond for your patience and time

  35. Yup, it’s a scam. They took in my money, and it’s not in my account now. They don’t reply to my emails or to my “online chat” requests with them.

  36. Wow! Unbelievable able… Made alot of profits from this site.. I would just like to say thank you to the Arbitrage Coins team.. And also to Edwin, for helping me through the live chats. Tq


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