Arbitrage Crypto Trader

Arbitrage Crypto Trader is a platform that seeks to profit from price differences between crypto-exchanges. Their aim is to solve the inefficiencies that have historically existed in the crypto-market. Basically, both traders and clients will benefit from this platform since there’s elimination of huge transaction cost on the exchanges. Their ICO is scheduled to run between November and December where the ACT token will be on offer.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader Rationale

According to this firm, they have a strong belief that the benefits of cryptocurrency trading are being enjoyed by a few people who own the exchanges. How will they do this? By receiving quotations from different exchanges, the system automatically calculates the price difference and presents it to the client in percentages. This difference is done every second and the percentage changes constantly. The client can see the price discrepancy presented on a chart in this platform.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader ARCT Token

The ARCT token is the one to be used by the users on this platform for any calculations. New users will need to acquire the ARCT token to gain access to the platform which will in turn drive the demand up. According to the platform, 30% of the profits will be shared with the token holders every quarter. With a fixed supply of the ARCT tokens, the company claims that there will be a fast rise in their value.

Roadmap For Arbitrage Crypto Trader ICO

  • Early November 2017 – Preparation for the ICO through a vigorous campaign
  • November to December 2017 – Start of the ICO
  • January 2018 – Addition of ARCT tokens to many crypto-currency exchanges, running the terminal and launch a site that has exchanges statistics
  • February 2018 – Designing of a mobile application and addition of an option for users to but premium packages.
  • May/June 2018 – Addition of automatic trading on different exchanges simultaneously.

Benefits Of ARCT Token to Investors

  • Access to a fully-fledged trading terminal
  • Bonuses for large investors at 5% additional ACT for every 5-10 ETH invested
  • Quarterly dividends paid using ARCT tokens
  • 45% discount on tokens purchased at 1 ETH=125,000 ARCT

Benefits Of ARCT Tokens To Traders

  • Reduced load and higher speeds on a trader’s PC
  • Terminal works with leading crypto-exchanges
  • Easy to read charts on currency quotations
  • Ability to set an automatic trading threshold
  • Mobile application allows trading from anywhere
  • Direct access to exchanges thus increased security
  • Highly profitable cryptocurrency transactions
  • Flexible terminal

ARCT Token Overview

  • Token symbol: ARCT
  • Token type: ERC-2O on Ethereum Blockchain
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1biilion) tokens
  • Pre-ICO: 100,000,000
  • Crowdsale: 700,000,000
  • Crowdsale period: November to December 2017
  • Price: Pre-ICO – 1 ETH = 125.OOO ARCT
  • Minimum amount of levies: 1200 ETH
  • Planned amount of levies: 2200 ETH
  • Maximum amount of levies: 10400 ETH

Arbitrage Crypto Trader Conclusion

The team at Arbitrage Crypto Trader believes that their terminal brings in fresh and unparalleled trading experiences that will benefit many people. Since most exchanges differ in terms of functionality and customer experience it will be interesting to see how well the terminal impacts on cryptocurrency trading.

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