Arbitrage Coins

A key problem in the cryptocurrency market is that many tokens have a very high supply. The result is a token whose value appreciates very slowly making it hard for investors to get a return on their investment.

Arbitraging is a unique profit-generating token that has a low supply. Only 10 million APB tokens will be released in the market. This will eliminate growth problems for the token allowing the token to appreciate in value due to increased market demand. In future, the platform will not create more tokens, which will increase the growth value for the Arbitraging ecosystem.

The platform has the Arbitrage-trading platform that allows investors to only buy a token with the help of the Arbitraging software that they can sell at a profit. The investor will never make a loss. Users of the platform can invest their APB token in the decentralized ecosystem from the APB dashboard. They can then use the Arbitraging software to generate profits. The profits will be delivered to the investor’s external wallet.

Features Of The Platform

You Can Withdraw Your Funds Immediately

There is no investment lock-in period as the APB platform gives you complete control of your funds allowing you to withdrawal them whenever you like. You can also choose to keep your funds or reinvest them into the APB platform and continue receiving profits.

100% Profits

The platform gives you 100% profits produced by the BOT software. The platform does not use multi-level marketing or a Ponzi scheme structure. This makes the platform a sustainable long-term trading platform.

A Decentralized Platform

The developers of the platform used an innovative blockchain technology that allows you to make transactions directly without the influence of a central organization. The platform is 100% decentralized which gives the investors ultimate transparency.

Dedicated Wallet

The platform is currently developing a wallet that will be dedicated to the APB users. The wallet will directly exchange with the Arbitraging platform allowing faster and instant exchanges. The wallet will also allow the investors to make their savings deposits safely. The wallet will be compatible with Nano Ledger, Trezor among other wallets. For now, investors can use an Ethereum-based wallet for the APB ERC20 based Ethereum token.

Advantages Of The Arbitraging Platform

Token Value Growth

The small number of tokens will allow the market value of the tokens to rise with increased future demand.

Complete Control

The platform is fully decentralized, and there are no lock-in periods for your funds.

Complete Transparency

All BOT activity can be accessed on the blockchain. You can see the exchanges where your investment is, and the platform also provides a summary of all your trades to know how the profits are generated.

Stable Long-Term Profits

The profits come from the BOT software. The platform is not a Ponzi scheme. This makes it sustainable. The auto or manual BOT can be used to make long-term profits. As an investor, you will never make a loss as the BOT only invests in a coin that it knows it can sell at a profit to another exchange.

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