It is amazing how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have brought numerous opportunities for business and investment. The business world is determined to make cryptocurrencies a common medium of exchange. Arcadia is about to introduce a new aspect of investing in real estate through blockchain technology.

The real estate market has always been a great place for investment. The market is stable and has high returns. This is a similar idea that Arcadia has for its investors. However, the company wants to choose an uncommon niche. It will increase gains and experience minimal competition.

What Is Arcadia?

Arcadia is targeting historical buildings as its market niche. The company will renovate and sell these buildings. This idea is brilliant because historical buildings have high value. They are the heritage of a nation or group of people. Therefore, these buildings should not just be neglected.

Arcadia and its investors will purchase these historical buildings and transform them. Their renovation will increase their value and fetch for investors attractive returns. The company will be taking on major projects that will be a great success. Arcadia is inviting interested investors to join in this success.

The company recognizes how investors in the blockchain technology are striving to grow. As a result, Arcadia is only accepting investors within the blockchain technology. Working with them will achieve certain goals such as equalizing blockchain exchange platforms with FIAT exchange markets.

Arcadia Real Estate Investing Opportunity Benefits


The company values all investors and treats them equally. Therefore, they will all receive equal attention and effort. Arcadia will ensure that every investor gets maximum return on investment.


The company is based on blockchain technology. One of the major features of this technology is security. Hacking is impractical, which guarantees safety of funds and other vital information. Qualified and experienced people will be managing projects to ensure effective running of operations.


Investors will have a say in the company operations. Arcadia would like every individual to be a part of running the company. Investors are also encouraged to purchase tokens. They will have privileged access to the special data room.


The aim of investing in a project or company is getting good gains from it. Arcadia is of no exception from this objective. Apart from tokens, each investor will receive dividends as soon as a project has been completed.

Arcadia Arcoin ICO Details

The idea of establishing Arcadia was conceived in October 2017. By December, operations were already in place to start the project. So far, the webpage and whitepaper have been constructed. Arcadia is planning its official launch in the month of April, 2018. Currently, preparations for pre ICO are underway.

After the official establishment, the company will prepare for the actual ICO and conduct it. The ICO should be through by May, 2018. Soon after, Arcadia will purchase the first building and start the project.

The company anticipates growth and numerous achievements in the near future. With a strong team and capable leadership, this pioneering company will always be a pace setter in the industry.


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