ArchiCoin is a well divided storage that uses reliable Crptography. Rather than using a centralized server, the system is made up of numerous servers on the web. According to, anyone can make available their own disk space so as to get involved in the integrated system of the safeguarded data storage.

Most of the sites traffic is mainly from Turkey according to Alexa. A careful look on the website and we could not establish the real owner or owners of the platform. The domain was registered privately on the 10th November 2017. However, there is a number of individuals listed as the TEAM behind the Archicoin.

Why Should You Invest In Archicoin ARCHI?

Inexpensive Storage

More than 1TB of information in the ArchCoin network will be less than 10 times cheaper than on services like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.


There are no centralized storage spaces. All data distributed throughout the world is not encrypted.

Selling Space

There is a minimum entry threshold. This gives the chance to offer free space to gain payment as a data storage and mining.

Able To Search Files

Each file will be indexed with the help of chain blocks and then shared in the network ArchiCoin.

Offering Access

In addition to storing data, ArchiCoin offers secure access to user information without interaction with a third party. All this is possible with smart contracts.

The best thing about this system is that it’s able to keep structured and unstructured data.


Apart from the normal storage, there is the opportunity to put the sites to streaming sites, online stores, and backend operations.


The Archicoin system lets you execute questions to perform various tasks like searching, editing, storing, and deleting at lightning speeds. When downloading data, it occurs in parallel with various devices to get fast data access.

What Tokens Will Archi Use In The System?

The system will introduce Archicoin for internal calculations, which will be the major means of payment for storage. To support a blockchain system, you will require the cloud computing power of miners, thus, they will receive a small reward for keeping system and data storage customers.

Who Are The Main Clients In ArchiCoin ARCHI?

The major clients are corporates in all the industries such as telecommunication,banking, building and construction, transport and oil. Ordinary users are also welcome to participate in Archicoin.

What Is The Future For Miners?

The mining system was created to motivate miners. According to the lottery principle, the system automatically dispenses ArchiCoin as an appreciation for availing computing power to support the system. The joining threshold is minimal, allowing for one to earn rewards in the participation process even with minimal resources.

Mining is expected to last for a longer time, the number of coins is minimal and it offers a steady demand for tokens in stock exchanges in exchange for services. This heightens investment engagement of joining the venture as a miner.

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