ARCHOS Safe-T Mini Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review

In a recent statistical study it was shown that cryptocurrency investments have gone up by more than 800% in the past year alone. However, the downside of this has been that the number of crypto thefts and hacking related crimes have also gone up quite a bit. Thus to protect our funds it is essential that investors make use of secure digital wallets that come loaded with a vast array of safety features.

About the ARCHOS Safe-T Mini Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

The ARCHOS Safe-T Mini Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet is an all new “offline Hardware Wallet” that is designed to help users keep their funds safe from hackers via the use of private keys that are only accessible by the owner. Apart from this, the Safe-T mini also comes with a host of privacy protocols that allow for one’s digital assets to be locked away in a customized digital vault.

Some of the core aspects of this device include:

(i) Easy to Setup:

Safe-T mini is a “cold storage” device that can be connected to our computer via a standard micro USB cable and set-up in a completely hassle free manner. Not only that, for additional accessibility, it also comes with a smartphone compatibility feature.

(ii) Safety:

as mentioned earlier, Archos provides currency holders with a high degree of security via the use of a unique PIN key that can be upto 9 digits long.

(iii) Automatic Disable Feature:

if a person tries to hack/ access the hardware unit forcefully, the wallet will automatically disable itself after a certain number of failed attempts.

(iv) Accountability:

as per the official company website, Safe-T mini needs physical approval for all internal transactions to be executed. This is done via the use of a small plastic button that is provided on the side of the device.

(v) Compatibility:

Another underrated feature of this wallet is that it can be used to send and receive funds from a host of different platforms (including hardware, paper and soft wallets).

(vi) LED Design:

To provide customers with additional security, this handheld wallet makes use of LED display units that help verify transactions before they are immutable processed.

Other Key Aspects to Consider Regarding the ARCHOS Safe-T Mini Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

(i) Warranty:

Archos Safe-T mini comes with a nice/ long warranty period which ensures that any malfunction within the device will be taken care of by company representatives quickly.

(ii) Recovery:

In the event of the device breaking or being stolen, the user can easily backup his/ her wallet credentials via of a “recovery module”. To elaborate on this point further, we can see that Archos makes use of a ‘seed key protocol’ that requires users to recall a BIP39 compatible phrase that can be used to regain access to the wallet.

(iii) Currency Support:

As of now, ARCHOS Safe-T Mini Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet supports the following alt-assets:

How Do I Purchase ARCHOS Safe-T Mini Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet?

As per information that is available on the internet, the Archos Safe-T mini device is manufactured completely in France. While it has not been released for commercial sale as of yet, the product is deemed to hit the market sometime in June of this year.

From a pricing standpoint we can see that a single unit will cost approximately 49.99€ ($61 USD Approx).

It is also important to mention that Archos has created this wallet in conjunction with a company called DomRaider. They will be offering all first time purchasers with 50€ in DRT tokens (as an incentive for a limited time period).

To get in touch with company representatives, users can shoot the platform devs an email or attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (26th February – 1st March) where the people behind this project will be officially launching the Safe-T mini device.

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