Arcona Augmented Reality

The Arcona ICO is already underway with calls to take advantage of the pre-sale becoming more vocal by the day. The official sale will kick-off on the 25th day of January, 2018 and that’s when the lower rates of Arcona tokens will rise.

What Is Arcona Augmented Reality?

Arcona Augmented Reality is a blockchain-powered ecosystem that promises to unite real and virtual worlds to form an environment that links well to our conventional world. The ICO is expected to make it possible for an everyday user interactive experience content from augmented, virtual and mixed reality equipment. The biggest of these virtual assets will be the Digital Land, and Arcona’s new platform will be available for businesses, users, and technical enhancements.

Why Own Land?

Ideally, the digital land with augmented reality will unite the two worlds, and the new program will be available for use by everyone. The digital property will be available for rent on the AR platform, especially amongst those looking to use it to do business. Essentially, the digital land resembles to land in the real world, and that’s why anyone with it will be able to rent it out.

Additionally, everything done on the platform will be monitored remotely. This would be a lot easy and convenient for anyone anywhere in the world, including those on the go. Finally, anyone holding the coveted ERC20 based Arcona Augmented Reality token will be guaranteed of regular rent payments for their asset when the land is being used by other AR programs within the ecosystem.

The AR Market

The market isn’t very elaborate and aims to take advantage of the growing acceptance of the AR technology. To put it into perspective, the world of virtual reality and that of augmented reality is expected to be worth $150 by 2020. Blue-chip companies led by Google, Facebook and Apple are all at ‘war’ over which corporation is the best to advance this technology.

This, of course, is the reason why each business is jostling for a bit of this technology and to some extent the success of this Arcona ICO. But that doesn’t mean startups and small businesses have been left out.

Arcona ICO Details

The reason to use Blockchain technology

The new Arcona token becomes the official mode of payment within the platform. Therefore, token holders will be able to purchase all digital goods and services within the platform using it. Rewards too, are in the form of these tokens.

The only type of cryptocurrency that runs the system is Ethereum, and this ensures this platform is completely trustworthy and verifiable. Everything, however, is well explained in the ICO’s White Paper.

Summary of Arcona Augmented Reality ICO

  • Price of each token: $1
  • Hard cap: $50 million
  • Pre-sale runs from: 27th November- 27th of December, 2017.
  • ICO dates: 25th of January- 25th of February, 2018.

The Arcona Augmented Reality Conclusion

What is apparent with Arcona is the able team of project founders who boast of many years of experience in the world of VR. The main idea of combining blockchain and AR niches is quite commendable owing to how the world of AR and VR is expanding. Tokens being the sole mode of payment within the platform make this ICO legit. For those who take advantage of the presale, bonuses await!

However, do you think this billion dollar idea will be a success soon? Will it be worth the hype that is the now most sought-after technology of VR will make the digital lands viable for business? Kindly, let us know what you think below.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $139.72B $7,885.5568 2.91% $6.09B
ETH $26.03B $245.1433 0.52% $3.01B
XRP $15.96B $0.3789 1.38% $465.84M
BCH $7.21B $404.8158 4.12% $542.77M
LTC $5.53B $89.3799 2.10% $598.58M
EOS $5.51B $6.0401 1.94% $649.76M
BNB $4.49B $31.7982 3.69% $281.52M
USDT $2.99B $1.0041 0.15% $5.98B
XLM $2.4B $0.1246 1.84% $52.7M
ADA $2.07B $0.0798 3.14% $70.6M

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