What Is Ardent United?

Ardent United is an esports team that was founded following a successful crowdfunding and is most popular for being the first of a kind to use blockchain technology to implement a functional crowdgovernment. The company behind the team uses the blockchain platform to create a fully decentralized corporation that is not just fully transparent in its affairs, but also fully incorporative.

Holders of the Ardent United tokens get to utilize their tokens to participate in bounties, vote in polls, and receive dividends against their shares. Through crowd governance, Ardent United makes it possible for the system to run by implementing highly intelligent and ethical decisions on a level that no other esports organization can match.

Ardent United eSports Platform Features

Founded and advised by experts and seasoned professionals in the eSports and blockchain industry, Ardent United was developed and is maintained by highly capable and skilled individuals who have come together to form a formidable team of modern sporting enthusiasts. The most notable features of the platform are:


The best part about implementing blockchain technology in the management of a business or financial entity is its capacity for transparency. All the financial and management records of Ardent United are public on the blockchain platform. All token holders are guaranteed transparency in the activities of the team and proof that all decisions made are well informed.


Just like any modern blockchain platform, the system that Ardent United runs on is full decentralized, meaning that it is not just transparent but also failure-proof. This means that the management and running of the team’s day-to-day operations are secured and members’ digital assets including cryptocurrency is fully protected from fraudsters.


The fans and supporters of Ardent United will get to enjoy a level of engagement and involvement in the management of team affairs more than fans of any other esport team. With the blockchain administration setup, fans and supporters will know that every opinion is valued and will have direct impact on the welfare of the organization.


Ardent United has its own registered tokens called Runes, which it will sell to fans and supporters as investment. The value of Runes is anticipated to increase in time through its use-case and the inherent scarcity that adds value to cryptocurrency. Users with Runes will eventually earn dividends against their tokens.

Ardent AUN Token ICO Details

The ICO is yet to be announced by Ardent. You can visit their site to stay informed at ardentunited.com.

Ardent United Conclusion

The esports industry is rapidly rising in popularity, and teams that already have their management and affairs on the blockchain have the early bird advantage. Ardent United is pioneering a unique blockchain product whose value any serious investors should see.

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