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Ardor is a major blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that helps companies to share digital currency with ease. It is actually the next generation after the Nxt platform, which is actually the first product from Jelurida. This is one of the three major BaaS options available right now, but there are many ways that it stands out.

What is Ardor and How Is It Different Than Nxt?

Ardor and Nxt are fairly similar, since they both come from the success of Jelurida. However, it comes with a major upgrade, and is incredibly similar to the other ecosystems available at the moment. However, the fact that it shares encrypted messages with outside parties is a major advancement in itself.

The Ardor and Nxt platforms Both Feature:

  • 40k data storage
  • Account properties
  • Phasing, with Ardor’s addition of +logic
  • Restricted tokens
  • Voting
  • Marketplace access
  • Coin shuffling anonymity
  • Parent/child architecture organization
  • Separation of security token from operational token
  • Transaction pruning

The Ethereum platform is incredibly similar, but there is no other system with the equivalent technical abilities that Nxt and Ardor have. In fact, the Jelurida brand wrote an entire eBook about Ardor and the competition in the industry. The biggest feature is easily the child chains, since it has impressive potential and stops the blockchain from suddenly being disruptive.

This program requires absolutely no mining, since all of the security comes from the hierarchy established with the parent chain token ARDR. All of the child chain tokens are exclusively meant for transactional value.

What the Ardor Roadmap Promises

The 2017 year has been incredibly beneficial for Nxt, reaching a number of goals that the company set forth in this Technical Roadmap they provided.

Ardor Roadmap

Ardor has had a productive 2017. In the evolution of their first product, Nxt, they kicked off the year with a number of key developmental goals in their pursuit to launch Ardor to market:

The Testnet Launch and Latest Changes

With the launch of Ardor publicly available in the first quarter of 2017, there has been plenty of updates and new releases. In fact, in November alone, the brand added asset control and composite phasing, which took them to a completely new genesis block.

The latest version was released just a couple of weeks ago, and should be the last major release from Testnet until the Mainnet launch. This launch will occur in the beginning of 2018, and the only updates that consumers should expect afterward is just for changes to security and critical bug patches, though no other alterations will be made to the main API.

Ardor’s Hosting for Chains

Once Ardor is available, the first chain that this platform plans to host is Ignis ICO. The fifth round of it managed to collect over $15 million, which was done with the use of crowdsourcing. The final 500 Ignis will be given to the current Nxt users at the end of 2017 in December.

The Ardor Launch and 2018 Expectations

After Ardor is launched on January 1, 2018, the blockchain platform will be completely operational for consumers, as the brand zones in on stabilization. During this first quarter, all of the effort goes towards fixing any issues that arise after the launch commences. It will also create many new positions for developers, quality assurance, and support.

During the second quarter, the child chain transactions will be pruned, as the data is shared via Testnet nodes. More child chains will be available on the Mainnet, but the company will integrate unique features that are not dependent on the correlation in the parent/child architecture chain.

The third quarter will show the results of the data collection and pruning on the overall product. Essentially, the founder’s goal is to become the exclusive source for blockchain applications. With more functionality with the Nxt and Ardor systems, the main goal ends up being to simply release on time with the quality that all participants hope for from this platform.

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