ARena Space

Virtual reality and the blockchain are both rapidly developing technologies that promise to dramatically change the digital landscape of both the near and long-term future. An innovative new blockchain-based platform that sits at the intersection of these two dynamic technologies is aiming to create a chain of futuristic virtual reality amusement parks.

ARena Space is a highly successful amusement park chain that specializes in virtual reality experiences. With six locations already offering unique augmented and virtual reality experiences, the ARena Space brand is already a popular and functional business.

In order to achieve a larger global presence, however, ARena Space is aiming to launch a worldwide chain of virtual reality amusement parks with capital gathered in their upcoming initial coin offering. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ARena Space ICO and find out what ARena Space plans to deliver to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in or keeping an eye on.

What is ARena Space

ARena Space is a chain of six different virtual reality amusement parks that offer a range of different experiences. The ARena Space chain already boasts more than 20,000 highly satisfied clients, and is active in several countries around the world.

ARena Space uses a number of unique proprietary technologies and products that have been developed by the ARena Space R&D laboratory, which include an augmented reality climbing wall, a free roam full immersion VR system, a VR robot system, and more. To facilitate the development of further virtual reality innovation, ARena Space also partners with a number of tech leaders and amusement attractions to maximize marketplace penetration.

One of the main features of the ARena Space chain is the attractive return on investment their prospective ICO offers. The ARena Space chain constantly provides clients with a stream of content renewal, causing the number of repeat customers to be as high at 40%. ARena Space expect all of their park locations to break even within just three to four months.

The ARena Space ICO will introduce the ARenaCoin, which will function as a unified entertainment cryptocurrency. These tokens are intended to connect customers, ARena Space parks, partners, and franchisees, and deliver a range of different benefits.

To date, ARena Space currently operates eight different miniparks, and has already delivered more than 280,000 hours of playtime to over 20,000 customers. The ARena Space platform is able to deliver virtual reality experiences drawn from a library of over 100 different units of unique content over 25 different attraction types with a per-ticket price that ranges between just $15 to $25.

The ARena Space ICO

The ARena Space ICO is scheduled to begin between the end of November 2017 and February 2018, but the pre-sale is currently underway. The minimum target fund for the ARena Space token pre-sale is $200,000. During the pre-sale, ARenaCoins, or ARE, will be available for 0.0015 ETH, which is roughly equivalent to $0.45.

The ICO, which will conclude by February 2018, is intended to gather a minimum of $1.5 million, but is aiming for over $8.1 million in funding. The funds gathered from the ARena Space ICO will be used to establish a HQ in Switzerland, and raise investment capital for the first five ARena Space parks. These parks are projected to launch in Las Vegas, Barcelona, Dubai, Beijing, and Moscow.

The Verdict

ARena Space is the most innovative platform in the virtual reality ecosystem, and as a functional, already-successful business model, is a solid investment as an ICO. If you’re interested in getting involved in an ICO that sits at the intersection between virtual reality and virtual currency, the ARena Space ICO is definitely worth considering.

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