What Is ARES Tech?

Ares Tech is a new blockchain gaming network that has appeared on the market recently that can be used as a scalable solution for social game creators who want a functional all-in-one platform. This a is a new start-up that is committed to using the blockchain technology to create a gaming online community.

How ARES Tech Blockchain Social Gaming Network Works

The Ares Tech platform is comprised of three different products: Ares Suite, Ares Arena and Ares Connect, the objective of having all these platforms is to ensure an all-in-one solution to gaming.

Ares Suite is a platform for creators. Basically, this is a development solution that can allow for an efficient development and for a friendly cross-chain collaboration system on the platform. Because of this, it can give the devs the necessary helping them that they need sometimes when making games.

Ares Arena will be the first zero commission gaming platform to work on the blockchain. It will be a fully decentralized application that will allow gamers to enjoy their new games better. Finally, there is still Ares Connect. By using the Ares Connect platform, you will be able to connect with global businesses and to gather resources that will change your indie games to really profitable IPs.

The main idea of these platforms is to allow developers to already build their games on the platforms that the players can find them while also giving them the opportunity to interact with the players, the other developers and to find ways to make their games monetizable and more famous.

The company plans on building the prototypes and the Alpha version of the platform until the end of 2018 and to start to work on the final version during the following year. Ares’ main goal is to launch the Main Net until the end of 2019 together with all the assets that will make it work.

Who Is Behind ARES Tech?

The team of Ares Tech is made of people who are really passionate about games and are trying to develop a new platform that can help them to reach new heights in the industry. The CEO of the company is Jack Li, which has more than 10 years of experience, Christian Gehl is the CTO and Toni Qiu acts as the Managing Director.

Other key members of Ares Tech are Jasmine Zhang (CMO), Qin Liwen (CCO), Ciarán Dold (UX/UI Designer), Jiani Yu (Project Manager), Seunghun Lee (Fullstack Developer), Zongxiong Chen (Backend Architect) and Pei Zhang (Blockchain and Cloud Engineer).

The company has many advisors like the Prof. Dr. Konrad Rieck (Scientific), Prof. Dr. Lorenz Meyer (Media and PR) and René Gerstenberger (Data Security), Simon Schwerin (Blockchain), Fusun Wehrmann (Engineering), Steven Karch (Blockchain), Ran Wang (Game Publishing), Yun Cao (Game and Marketing), David Espinosa (Technical Solutions), Rasmus Giesel (Branding), Sandro Moscogiuri (Art), Maurus Radelow (Cyber and Information Security), Ying Guo (Marketing and Sales) and Zeta Zhu (Marketing).

The partners of the company are investors, media and technical companies: Jingtum Tech, Bigchain DB, Medixain, BCCM, Berlin Valley, Grunderszene, F(x) Live, Merkle Tech Group, Hash Capital, Games:net Berlinbrandenburg, Media:net Berlinbrandenburg and Berlin Games Capital.

Ares Tech Token ICO Details

The ARES tokens are ERC20 tokens that will be sold by 0.10 EUR each during the upcoming main sale. There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ARES tokens and 30% of them will be sold on to the investors.

The company already had its seed round and the public ICO sale date is still unknown. If you want more information about this company, follow our blog. Its soft cap will be 100,000,000 ARES tokens and the hard cap will 300,000,000 ARES tokens.

A total of 30% of the tokens will be sold in the sale, 20% will stay with the team, 15% will be on the prize pool, 10% for the employees, 10% for community support, 5% for advisors, 5% for strategic cooperation.

ARES Tech Conclusion

We feel that this company might be developing something quite interesting for the gaming community and the developers here. If you work in the area or you love games, you might want to be interested in all these new blockchain platforms for games that are appearing right now because they certainly impact the market and change how you play.

If it depends on Ares Tech, we believe that it will change for the best, as the company seems to present a vast number of options for the users and the developers.

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