What Is Arevalor?

Arevalor is a company whose aim is to bring real estate into the blockchain. This project wants to create a one-stop marketplace for real estate, which is powered by the blockchain. The platform will cut costs and transaction times significantly. Besides that, it will increase transparency and security in real estate transactions.

Arevalor Blockchain Real Estate Land Property Platform Features

Arevalor Portal

This UI comes in a mobile or desktop version. Users can view information on Arevalor and perform various actions.

Land Property Transfer Protocol (LPTP)

This allows for the automated generation of smart contracts that are based on local jurisdiction, which is dictated by input parameters. A series of smart contracts will work behind the scenes to perform various transactions on Ethereum.

Orbus (ORB) Token

This token will help users interact with the smart contract on LPTP. It is needed to perform operations on Arevalor.


It is accessible via the Portal. It displays current properties for sale, rent, and can be accessed to acquire historical data on the property that is on the platform.


This is a repository for contracts, deeds, and titles, which is powered by the blockchain. It is accessible via the portal.


This is secure storage for the non-critical information such as images of the property, listing history, and other important documents.

Arevalor Benefits For Sellers

This standard suite of the metadata variables will make it possible to conduct simple entries of new properties. Besides that, it offers a simple and comprehensive suite of information about any property.

Arevalor Benefits For Buyers

This platform offers buyers a transaction experience with convenience and ease of use, unlike anything they have ever had. Buyers can access all the documentation at any time in the portal. Besides that, they can offer their approval to any steps of this process using a digital signature. In addition, there is a great deal of security and transparency. The reason for this is that each participant has to undergo a rigorous KYC process.

Arevalor ORB Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: ORB
  • Pre-Sale: August 20 – August 27
  • Pre-sale tokens: 9,600,000
  • Pre-Sale Price: $0.06
  • Token Sale: September 24 – October 15
  • ICO tokens: 86,400,000
  • ICO Price: $0.13
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Country: United States

Arevalor Conclusion

Initially, this platform will work with the existing transaction framework for real estate. It will allow the acceptance to grow steadily while also adding large amounts of data to the platform. When the critical mass of data is reached, the platform will shift to its goal of a true P2P marketplace.

This platform will offer time and cost savings to sellers immediately. By leveraging the portal, the seller may input only a small amount of data. The portal will then automate document creation and contact the parties involved in the transaction.

The portal, used with the LPTP smart contracts and Registry will increase the transaction speed and make it easy to conduct such transactions. This will allow cost-effective and efficient solutions for the sellers.

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