Argentinan Province Córdoba to Utilize Blockchain Technology Benefits

Cordoba Local Government Adopts Blockchain Technology

Currently, plans are underway to include distributed ledger technology as an integral part of government operations in the Argentinian province of Cordoba. By implementing blockchain technology, the Cordoba administration intends to increase transparency of its operations, improve the efficiency of processes, and alleviate the cost of governmental services. Essentially, the deployment of this technology will restore the public’s trust in the local bureaucracy.

Concerning population and infrastructural development, the Cordoba region comes second to Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital. After the implementation of distributed ledger technology, this province will be fully equipped to handle the voluminous amounts of data, as well as provide a solution to the countless challenges facing local administrations.

Speaking on the blockchain adoption, Andres Vasquez, an official of the Cordoba Municipality, said that the municipality should oversee the continuity of data and also its security. In this regard, Andres argued that while the issue is considered trivial by most town councils, the extent of progress of the published data should push the municipality into changing its stance on the matter.

The Cordoba local government is expected to work in partnership with leading technology companies in Argentina, such as Signatura and Qubistry. Initially, the blockchain will be built on the Bitcoin, and Ethereum distributed ledgers, since these are the most advanced options in the industry, and have previously been used in the development of other projects that apply to real-life situations.

In the future, the Cordoba government will add extra information onto the blockchain database. To make the searching of data more accessible, an indexing mechanism will be deployed within the distributed ledger network. On this matter, Vasquez noted that blockchain technology would eliminate the cases of data duplication or alteration. Furthermore, it will simplify the process of auditing published data by external bodies.

As a result of blockchain implementation, the Cordoba local government will enhance the transparency of its operations. Through the distributed ledger, public data will be accessible to all individuals. Moreover, the inalterability of blockchain databases guarantees the credibility of data. Specifically, in the context of the Cordoba regional administration, political parties and their staff will not be able to amend information that has already been published on the blockchain network.

The benefits of blockchain technology are evident, especially if you consider the unprecedented success of digital currencies. By adopting this emergent tech, Cordoba province has paved its way to victory.

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