ARGO tokens

ARGO has been designed as a scalable gaming, advertising, and information space powered by augmented reality. The project is mainly focused on Generation Z, which has been shown to be wholly digitized. It will also be open to other generations, but Generation Z is the focus.

This project will allow Generation Z to interact with the AR space via the Argo smartphone application. The entire ecosystem for this project will include branded AR objects, original scenarios of games and quests, and AR communication capabilities.

Users of the platform will get to benefit from seamless integration of high-tech entertainment. In the process, they will get to benefit from things such as special offers, coupons, discounts, and branded prizes. The users will be rewarded with digital rewards, which can later be exchanged for real services and goods.

The Aim Of Argo

The ARGO project will serve an important objective of establishing a lasting emotional connection between Generation Z and participating brands. This approach will take into account the digital habits of generation Z and their inherent dislike for traditional advertising. For instance, most in Generation Z will have installed ad blockers in their browsers. The ARGO project is going to supply businesses with high tech instruments that are designed for this new generation of customers.

The project is going to have a major social impact due to its ability to combine online activities and real-world actions. As a result, it will have a positive impact on the users’ cognitive and physical development. The ARGO project is cross-national and cross-cultural. This simply means that the project is well suited to operate in different countries. However, it will still abide by the national regulations of each country on advertising.

The State Of Augmented Reality

It is estimated that by 2020, Augmented Reality will be an integral part of the lives of 400 million people globally. When combined with smartphone technology, which has become quite significant. For instance, about 70 percent of all online store traffic usually takes place via smartphones. Additionally, up to 80 percent of all social media traffic comes from smartphones.

The Argo Tokens ICO Details

The ICO is a chance for those who strongly believe in the potential that augmented reality holds to be part of something important. A company based in Belarus is developing the project. This country has created rules and regulations that are quite friendly to cryptocurrency. All funds gotten from this project are going to be used to bring this project to life.

The goal of the public token sale is to raise 13,482 ETH by selling 586.2 million tokens. This will represent 51 percent of the total issues. For this project, they have developed a token based on the ER20 standard. The ICO will have been successful if they are able to raise 3620 ETH.

The Argo Tokens Pre-ICO

The pre-ICO for this project will entail the sale of 33.2 million tokens to attract 531 ETH. The pre-ICO will be deemed a success if they manage to raise 33.2 million ARGO tokens.


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