If you want to be a successful investor, you have to be sure that you know where the best investments are. There are many scammers and start-ups without future offering services and ICOs right now, so you have to be really careful if you want to have the best results.

Because of this, you should be always well informed about the cryptocurrency market and the best companies launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) before you make a decision to invest in any company.

We can help you to be more informed. Our blog reviews ICOs and services for our readers. Today, we are going to review a company called AriseBank.

What Is AriseBank?

AriseBank is a start-up banking company that promises that you will have safe and quick transactions using its platform. The company promises a level of anonymity that you will not find in any traditional bank and the practicality of cryptocurrency banking features.

Using blockchain and decentralized services, the platform plans to work globally to transform the landscape of the cryptocurrency economy and make the cryptocurrency economy more prosperous.

The company already has global partners like VISA, Marqeta and has real offices in Dallas and Dubai. The motto of the company is that it is already more than just an idea.

How Does AriseBank Work?

AriseBank will offer many services that banks provide but using a decentralized blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. AriseID, for example, will make sure that the user is unknown to the bank by having a system in which the user is a number without any personal information. The bank will know that you are yourself, but not who you are.

There is also aEX, an app made especially for investors who want to use their cryptocurrency to invest in assets. Other apps like aTransfer and AIExchange will enable its users to transfer money and invest much more quickly than they could do with any other bank currently in the market.

Another service called aPay will be useful for selling and buying products online using cryptocurrency. It will be like a cryptocurrency Paypal. Finally, aPocket is a hardware developed to be a cryptocurrency wallet that you can keep in your own house to keep more than 700 different cryptocurrencies safe.

How To Invest In AriseBank?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their AEX tokens during the ICO. The AEX tokens are Ethereum-based tokens that will be used in the system of the company. The pre-ICO is already happening at the time of this report and the main ICO is scheduled to begin on December 26.

The main ICO will continue until January 27 or until 500 million USD have been acquired in tokens during the last phase of the sale. To pay for the AEX tokens, you will be able to use BTC, ETH, LTC, Paypal and credit cards.

The price per token during the main sale will be $1.40 USD per token, but if you buy during the pre-ICO, you can buy them for $1.20 USD.

The AriseBank Verdict

Is this company the right investment for you right now? Maybe. AriseBank does not raise any kind of red flag and it looks like a very legit company in which you can trust. The company also has a pretty solid plan and has already developed a lot.

Because of this, it really looks like AriseBank can be a solid investment, especially if you plan on using their banking services in the future. Their services are varied and seem very interesting, too. Is this company the best investment? We cannot be sure of that until they actually release their service, but it does seem promising.

If you are interested in this company, go for it, it looks like a complete solid investment. If you invest in this company right now, you have a high chance of getting a good return on investment in the future and will probably not be disappointed.

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