The main objective of Arker is to reward video game players through the blockchain, with a cryptocurrency. Once you become a member of the community, you can earn the coin and use it both inside and outside of the game platform.

On the gaming platform, you can use the Arker coin in exchange for objects and abilities that can help you excel in the game. Outside the gaming platform, you can use the Arker coin as a currency to purchase goods or services on the internet.

What Exactly Is Arker?

In summary, the Arker coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency invented to reward a video game player. Suppose you are a player in the Arker community, each time you complete a milestone or win an online game, you get rewarded with a random amount of Arker coin. As a player, you can use the coin to acquire objects in the game, exchange it outside the game, or even sell it to acquire money.

Arker—The Game Mechanics

  • The lands of Ohm: As an Arker player, your mission is to fight together with your clan against the players of other clans to conquer the Ohm land. Once you take control of the Ohm territory, other Arkers disappear.
  • The Ark: An Ark holds the most valuable asset for a player. This strange chest appears in the lands of Ohm, which is why clans have to fight to get control of the territory.
  • The clans: Clans are a unified force with a common objective. As a player, you join your friends and fight together to declare the most powerful clan in the land of Ohm.
  • The Arker coin: the Arker coin is the most coveted by street traders. With the coins, you can acquire rare and powerful objects and abilities on your way to victory when you exchange them with your friends.

Arker—The Game Features

The video game comes with various components as outlined here:

  • Abilities: as far as abilities are concerned, several options are available so you can choose the best ability set for your hero.
  • Objects: each object has distinct properties with a perfect set that can lead you to victory
  • Turns: there are four turns per combat. The first player to finish with more turns wins the game
  • Rewards: when you acquire victory and control over Ohm land, you get a reward in terms of gold or Arker coins
  • Store: When you earn a gold reward, you can exchange it for specific objects. Alternatively, you can offer your Arker coin to traders for foreign objects.
  • The Arker coin: Once earned, the coins are yours. You decide what to do with them. You can use them within the gaming platform, exchange them with your friends, or use them to purchase goods and services online.

Arker On Your Mobile Device

This is a ‘coming soon’ component of the Arker platform. The Arker team believes that everyone can enjoy the game regardless of the type of device. Therefore, Arker is not restricted to one platform or network. For that reason, Arker will soon be available on various devices including Apple, Android, PC, and in web format.

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