If you are fresh into mining cryptocurrency and cloud mining is your specialty, you will need to be all eyes lest you invest in a fraudulent cloud mining platform. Nowadays, scam cloud mining websites that promise massive returns are literally everywhere, fleecing the naïve and unsuspecting. But while Arkonix.eu is one of these cloud mining websites, there’s need to review it and conclude whether it is a scam or genuine and thus worth investing in.

What Is Arkonix Mining?

Arkonix introduces itself as a new and ambitious cloud mining company based in Switzerland. It further alleges to provide the safest, trustworthy possibilities through which its global user population gets to earn cryptocurrencies instantly. Regardless of your age, geographic location, your day job, technical expertise or experience, Arkonix promises to hold your hand and guide you as you make money as a crypto miner.

On the global scale, Arkonix purports to help in the development of the crypto mining space in addition to advancing the adoption of BTC. In its features, this cloud-based mining portal says its hardware is already working and all the user does is to sign up and start earning straight away!

Other notable features include swift, hassle-free switching from mining one cryptocurrency to another. Finally, Arkonix promises daily payouts and weekly withdrawals.

Why Arkonix Mining Could Be A Scam

Who Owns It?

Even with the flashy, professional-looking website, it is a bit fishy that Arkonix Mining claims to be Swiss-based yet it provides zero data about who really owns the company. An investment platform of its caliber, operating legally shouldn’t act like a shady business. Worse yet, it seems the site is actually in the US and Switzerland as it purports. These revelations, therefore, marks the first red light!

The Promised ROIs Are Just Absurd!

The promise of a 5475-day profit is a bit too unrealistic. Given that the returns are pegged on their corresponding hash power values, what’s expected in the long run renders the whole system impractical because the investor gets higher returns than what’s frequently possible.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Whenever a miner hits the criteria for 11 Arkonix mining affiliate ranks, he/she is entitled to get a bonus. The bonuses are distributed as follows:

  • Brass = $50
  • Copper = $150
  • Silver = $300
  • Gold = $600
  • Platinum = $1500
  • Plutonium = $3000
  • Emerald = $4000 plus a Share in the mining pool
  • Sapphire = $7000 plus two shares in the mining pool
  • Ruby = $15,000 plus three shares in its exclusive mining pool
  • Diamond = $30,000 plus four shares in the exclusive mining pool
  • Alchemist = $50,000 plus ‘5% partnership shares in Arkonix’

As much as the bonuses are simply ridiculous because there’s no need to list all the precious metals, some mode explanations are lacking. For instance, what are partnership shares?

Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

Also, mining statistics are blatantly cooked up because it is impossible to have mined $91550, but only offered $323 or 0.3% of it as payouts!

Arkonix Mining Verdict

As far as cryptocurrency fraud schemes go, it appears Arkonix is one of them. It has no evidence of someone who earns from it or even a demo video of its mining equipment, when correctly withdrawals are made and other important stuff. Honestly, this platform is a lot like a potential Ponzi scheme with pyramid recruitment. There is a lot to suggest that this scheming project will fall sooner than later. Be safe and stay away from it, therefore!

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