Cryptocurrency adoption by the masses seems to be a herculean task. However, a major strategy to achieve that is through the use of Tipbots which create room for users to communicate about numerous cryptocurrencies on multiple channels like Reddit. ArkTippr is focused on eliminating that headache for the ARK network.

ArkTippr In Focus

Most of the time the predicament of altcoins regarding their tipbot like ArkTippr is the limitation of application. However, a Reddit tipbot for Ark can be very priceless as cryptocurrency is not peoples' main agenda. Nevertheless creating awareness through tipbots can stimulate interest in that singular altcoin even though only time will if the Ark project will do better in the long term.

Dichotomy Between Other Tipbots?

It is apparent the ArkTippr bot requires to survive competing solutions. Though it is the sole tipbot for the Ark network on Reddit, ArkTippr grants rare peculiarity. Whilst users can tip content creators and Reddit users with Ark, it can again give them a free ArkStickers set. This is the first of its kind in cryptosphere.

Furthermore, ArkTippr is created in a manner that all transactions are processed on-chain. This is comparatively an exceptional method, as it eliminates the need for a centralized wallet kept by the team. Rather, all transactions are paid between users instantly, with the ArkTippr directly creating wallets for all users. The Ark project’s eight-second block time and low fees allow funds to be sent immediately.

These features also make it resistant to hacking since in the event of an attack user funds cannot be compromised as the platform holds no user funds. It would be fascinating to have ArkTippr on other social networks aside Reddit. For instance, if it is employed on Twitter, it would inject a lot of inherent awareness for Ark.

Moving Forward

ArkTippr will unquestionably create a lot of enthusiasm apparently. As a matter of fact, a tipbot is not significantly a principal improvement, it is an added move which induces further visibility of some currencies. Moreover, it is a peer to peer service and it will not run out of funds, unlike other Cryptocurrency Tipbots.

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