The issue of counterfeit goods has been an issue in various industries for some time now. And although companies and various production stakeholders spend a junk of their investments to fight this unfortunate vice, they haven’t been able to eradicate it. And it’s for these very reasons that the ArmPack platform comes in as a permanent solution to these problems.

What’s ArmPack?

ArmPack is a decentralized blockchain enabled platform that works to bring together manufacturers and brands, in a bid to protect against the rampant counterfeiting of original products in the current marketplaces.

How Does This Platform Work?

Through the blockchain technology, the platform makes accessible all the necessary accurate information on various products. All this will be made possible through the purchase of the Armcoin tokens, which users will use to sign up for multi-Cryptocurrency wallets.

The wallets then allow transactions through the near-field communication (NFC). Users also get the opportunity to participate in various award programs depending on their aggressiveness.

The use of the standard ArmPack unique codes on every product, allow customers to access its production information by merely scratching-off the specific layer. They can also make use of the NFC chips, QR codes and the combination of codes for verification purposes.

The platform also extends its protective features to manufacturers while offering them an affordable anti-counterfeit advertising campaigning platform. Through the platform, manufacturers provide and place a one use unique code for each of their goods. Once a buyer gets hold of the product, they can then enter the code into the manufacturer’s official website and/ ArmPack for record keeping.

All the information concerning the sell and the purchase of a given good is available on the ArmPack website with exclusive accessibility by the manufacturers. Customers also get the chance to provide product review to manufacturers. And through this, buyers make use of their tokens to promote the manufacturers of their choice. The use of tokens extends to trading purposes with manufacturers for ICO token rewards and exchange with other buyers on the platform.

Why Should I/Not Join?

If you are a manufacturer, you get to save the money spent on countering fake and imitation products in the market. The same extends to users as they get access to only original products, which tend to be more efficient. Also, the feedback option on the platform gives manufacturers a glimpse of what buyers expect thus customizing their goods to meet those needs while encouraging the use of Armcoin.

Furthermore, manufacturers have an option to develop their tokens on the ArmPack platform, for use in various projects. The availability of private stock on the ArmPack ecosystem encourages other buyers to join. The platform sets to have the ArmWallet, ArmCoin, ArmNod, ArmBoard, store and the ArmPack community on board.

Although ArmPack sales pitch comes with strong persuasive lines, you shouldn’t forget the fact the rising scam cases in ICOs. The lack of specified guidelines in these new field makes it even trickier. Therefore, you should caution of such kind of investments that ArmPack supports.

In Conclusion

ArmPack is a decentralized platform with advanced blockchain and Ethureum features, which seeks to help manufacturers and consumers from the dangers of counterfeit products. Investors stand to gain from substantial benefits through the use of ArmCoin tokens. However, like other ICOs the platform isn’t 100% secure. Thus, we advise you to trade with caution.

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