We live in a time in which there are endless possibilities for both start-ups and investors. With so many new businesses appearing every week, it’s hard to be sure of which ones can be the best investment for your money and investments. Some of these ICOs are scams, so you have to take care to be always prepared for investing with wisdom at all times.

Today, we are going to review a company called ARRM. Is it going to be the perfect investment for you? You can discover this reading the article.

What is ARRM?

ARRM is a company is based in Minsk, Russia. The company is devoted to creating solutions based on AR/VR technology. Their main project, ARRMKit, is a self-learning technology that uses real-time hand gestures to provide fast recognition with minimum use of power.

Basically, they want to develop an efficient way to develop user-friendly interfaces to be used within computers and AR/VR technology. ARRM promises benefits for both developers, users, and gamers with their product.

With their open-source technology, they want to improve services and make it easier for both the people developing with their technology and people using it to use with the most compatibility possible.

How Does ARRM Work?

The ARRM company wants to use the money raised with the ICO to develop their technology further. It’s important to note that the company already exists and is developing technology for some time now, but they want to use the funding to invest on improvements.

During 2018, the company wants to release ARRMKit for platforms like Android and their plans for 2019 are even more ambitious. They plan to release technology for controlling drones, cars and medical equipment with the use of their ARRMKit technology.

How to Invest in ARRM?

To invest in ARRM is very simple. The first thing you have to do is to buy their tokens during the ICO. The ICO will begin on November 16 and you can buy a single ARRM token with 0.0001 BTC. Both BTC and ETH are going to be accepted during the ICO, but you cannot use fiat money. The investors will receive a share of the profit of the company based on how many ARRM tokens they bought during the ICO.

ARRM Verdict

ARRM seems like an interesting investment. Technology companies are growing fast in recent years, so it’s a safe bet that ARRM will do well if reaches their goals. Do not be afraid to invest in it. The company looks legit and there’s no apparent risk of scam or fraud.

This company also seems very ambitious, so there’s potential for big rewards on your investments if their originality and ambitiousness could help them grow. If you are interested in funding technology development with the possibility of receiving a good return on investment, the ICO of ARRM might be a very interesting for you to invest in.

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