Arthacoin is a sustainable investment-lending platform that aims at providing prosperity and guaranteed returns to its investors. Arthacoin is viewed as an alternative investment, which uses different investment methods to ensure investors get active returns using their collected funds. The platform purposes to create returns by use of derivatives and leverage in cryptocurrencies.

Besides, it is a self-managed financial system, which supports peer-to-peer transactions with a basis on the open-source platform. Arthacoin is built with a vision of creating a regular passive and sustainable income in the end for its investors.

How Does ArthaCoin Works?

Arthacoin uses a server computer, which permits and distributes information to different servers of users connected to the network. The platform offers a decentralized financial system, which allows users to store their capital and use them for high returns investments. Every transaction done on the platform is entered and monitored by use of a smart contract on blockchain technology. This, in the end, secures personal information of the user unless they disclose it. Investments that Arthacoin will be involved with are low risk investments, low to medium risk cryptocurrency trading, high-risk investments, and trading.

Accepted Token

The platform will issue the Arthacoin token during the Initial Coin Offering. The token is categorized as ERC20 on the Ethereum network. The token is an electronic currency that only exists in the digital world. Users can use the tokens to acquire the services provided on the platform and mostly for investments.

The platform also gives users access to their funds in that they can withdraw at any time they want with transaction fees applicable. Users can also transfer Arthacoins anyone they wish as long as they have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet.

The platform has a referral program whereby users can refer friends and family to it by giving them their personal referral codes. They become part of your referral list once they sign up. When the people the user referred purchase Arthacoins, 5% of the purchases will go to them. If the user's referral lends his arthacoins, then the user will get 10% of all earnings the referral gets from lending.

Arthacoin ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: ATH
  • Token Sale Starts: March 18, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: May 1, 2018
  • Total Supply: 18 Million ATH
  • Token Standard: ERC 20

arthacoin homepage

Benefits Of Investing On Arthacoin

Various Income Strategies

The platform has a variety of strategies that generate income and supplementary returns, which are used a protection fund for the investor. This serves as security in that if there are changes in the market in terms of inflation, the platform will still give the returns that they promised.

Preclosure Of Investments

Arthacoin allows for preclosure of investments since it allows users of the platform to withdraw their total amounts given for their initial investments at any time they wish.

Experienced Team

arThe team at Arthacoin is made up of experienced fund managers and market analysts who have quality skills in trading in both the traditional market and the crypto markets. The team aims at creating a program that will be able to capitalize on profitable opportunities and analyze the market activities in order to find and launch a profitable deal with basis on market parameters, indicators, and technical analysis.

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