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ArtNoy is a new global art registration platform that uses the blockchain technology. This company has entered on our radar recently as it appeared on the Blockchain International Show. ArtNoy is having an ICO soon. Should you invest? Time to find out.

What Is ArtNoy?

ArtNoy is a company whose main activity is to function as a marketplace for the people who are interested in buying and selling art and announcing new exhibitions. It also works as an art registration platform. ArtNoy tokens are equity tokens that are registered as a security in the SEC of the United States.

How Does ArtNoy Work?

This company uses the new blockchain technology to create a digital registration of different artworks. Because of the proprieties of the blockchain technology, it is impossible that to forge the information. After some work of art is registered, it will stay with its information on the blockchain forever.

The listing that is made on the blockchain has much information about the type of art, independent valuation by an independent appraiser and the condition of the artwork. It will also be added information if the piece is stolen or lost. All the information will 100% open to the public because it will be stored on a public ledger.

As only authorized people will be able to put the information on the blockchain, you can be protected against scams and spam. Also, P2P buying and selling of art pieces can be done directly via the platform.

To buy or to sell any type of asset on the platform, you have to create an account and verify your piece and your account. This is specially important because it allows only people with a real, name, face and ID to make transactions on the platform, which improves the security and avoids the transaction of stolen or illegal pieces.

After that, you can find someone who is willing to purchase your work of art. The transactions will be automatically made via the smart contracts of the blockchain technology (a fee will be charged).

The company currently aiming for a beta release of the platform on February 2019.

The ArtNoy Team

The team of ArtNoy is made of people who understand everything about blockchain and art. The two co-founders are Saar Shalom, which is also the CEO of the company, and Saar Rakefet. Both of them are very experient with management, technology and economy. Other members of this company include Bobir Svetlaa (accounting and business), Oluwatobi Oso (writer and editor)

The tech team is made of Glib Pakharenko (penetration tester and IT auditor), Alexander Radchuk (smart contract developer), Roman holovay (senior blockchain developer and ICO expert), Ruslan V. (frontend developer), Sergii Z. (java developer), Mikhail P. (web developer), Roman K. (frontend developer), Ulia Opolskaja (graphic designer) and Kumar Abhishek (financial growth manager).

The ArtNoy ARTN Token Sale

A total of 55,000,000 ARTN tokens will be offered on the upcoming sale. Each ARTN token will be sold for the price of $1 USD. If you want to invest during the pre-sale, which is happening right now, you will be able to get a discount of 25% (0.75 USD per ARTN token). You can pay with BTC, BCH, LTC, BTG and ETH.

Only accredited users will be able to buy the tokens. Because of this, you have to pass a Know Your Customer procedure in which you have to prove that you are accredited to invest in this company.

The ArtNoy Verdict

ArtNoy definitely has good and positive points. On the positive side, it is compliant with the laws of the SEC, which means that the company is serious about the business and that you will not be risking so much by investing. One point that you have to keep in mind, though, is that the site of the company looks very amateurish, which is never a good sign. In any case, the platform looks secure enough if you want to invest.

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