The entire universe has seen dramatic changes over the past 300 years, however, the art world has stagnated as the world moves on. Apparently, the multi-billion dollar industry is still working within the standards of previous centuries.

This is due to the fact that the way in which art is authenticated, appraised, auctioned, treasured, assimilated, and esteemed is fundamentally the same as it was several centuries ago. In many ways, the industry is discriminatory, secluded, and dogged with incompetence which act to the disadvantage of buyers and sellers alike.

What Is Artpro?

ArtPro therefore comes in to create the go-to marketplace where private dealers as well as modern-day artists can visit, with a robust emphasis on developing talent. The ArtPro platform is therefore meant to open up the world of art to the general populace. This will make it possible for just anyone to discover and buy fine art online, without the need to go through intermediaries who charge excessive fees.

In this regard, the company intends to introduce certificates of provenance, which will be stored on blockchain. The certificates will be used to confirm the validity of every artwork on the platform.

ArtPro also establishes a comprehensive bionetwork whereby conventional and modern art connects to virtual assets, smart contracts as well as improved authenticity in order to establish an open platform. The platform will then support all the stakeholders in the industry which include emerging artists as well as first-time investors.

The Artpro Art Blockchain To Buy, Sell And Trust Marketplace Solution

ArtPro does not profess to be in a position to unilaterally solve all the challenges afflicting the industry. It however intends to play a significant role in assisting the industry to advance into the digital age to be able to meet the demands of the international audience.

ArtPro also intends to connect all participants as well as stakeholders within its bionetwork through its website and dApp, which will offer information regarding how to access a complete suite of recourse's.

The Artpro Marketplace

The ArtPro marketplace acts as an online agency where people can browse and learn about its structure and inventor. Every artwork is priced in the viewer’s native fiat currency as well as in APT. The artwork can be bought instantly or added to a watch list. Buyers are able to purchase any artwork through the ArtPro Market, and can still maintain their privacy. The details of the purchase will not be shared with the platform or third parties.

Additionally, sellers who make use of the platform can also use it to access a range tools to assist in recording, promoting and selling their art. In many ways, the user friendly interface makes it simple for all stakeholders to do business seamlessly.

Artpro APT Token ICO Details

The ArtPro token (APT), being an ERC20 token, will run on the Ethereum network, which was decided upon as a result of the strong ecosystem and support products like wallets and exchanges.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: ART
  • Token type: ERC20, utility
  • Number of tokens minted: 500,000,000
  • Unsold tokens: burned
  • Public sale price: $0.15
  • Pre-sale price: $0.1
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Soft/Hard cap: $5m/$20m

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