Asian Develop Coin

ADC is a blockchain based digital coin that is meant to bring about development in Asia. The Asiadevcoin will help to raise funds that can be used to develop projects, which benefit the people of Asia.

The Asian Develop Coin Mission

The major problems that most foreign investors face are the legal barriers, which can be quite confusing. This leads to limits on multinational investments, despite the fact that Asia is a very fertile market. It also leads to an abundance of finance in the US and EU. The result is that although Asia has the potential, it ends up not being developed.

The ADC coin will be for ventures that are ripe for investment in these nations. These ventures can execute projects using the ADC ICO funds to make a profit. The investors can redeem ADC for the real benefits from projects developed by the venture. The venture is independent in the development process with some technological support offered or ADC funding.

The ADC can also be traded on exchanges to make a profit. In the EU and US, the expected return on investment in 3-7%. However, investors can expect to get back as much as 20-50% if they invest in Asia.

How Asian Develop Coin Blockchain Fundraising  Projects Work

ADC will offer capital to develop residential areas in developing nations such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Once roads, water systems, and electricity are installed, the value of land in an area can rise by 2-3 times.

The value of the ADC can be converted to an actual asset that is fixed from the time the ADC was invested. When ADC is used for real estate projects, it allows the developers to connect to ADC and attract funds via ADC.

About CryptoForYou

CryptoForYou is a trading platform created as part of the ADC project. This platform will make it possible for members to trade in crypto such as Bitcoin and earn a profit. It will also allow members to list coins on the trading platform and to deal with the community.

On this platform, ICOs will also be supported with the help of Smart Contract technology. Additionally, members will be allowed to automate transactions on the platform. This platform supports the setting up of robots according to the needs of the users to optimize their profits.

The ADC project will also support money game projects such as poker, DICe, Lotobit, and many others. Other money games to be supported are sports betting for rugby, soccer, and the UFC.

Asian Develop Coin ADC Token ICO Details

ADC Technology

  • Name: Asian Develop coin
  • Ticket: ADC
  • Algo: scrypt (mining)
  • Type: POW
  • Total supply: 50 000 000 coin
  • Premine: 15 000 000 (30% total coin)
  • Blocktime: 5 min
  • Blocksizes: 5coin/block

Private Sale

  • Date: June 10 – June 25
  • Price: 1ADC = $1.5


  • Date: June 30 – July 20
  • Price: 1ADC = $2.4
  • Main Sale: July 25 – August 15
  • Price: 1ADC = $3

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