There is always a revolution in the financial service market ( banks), ranging from online transactions to cashless transactions, which in turn always brings about a bigger revolution in the economic sector. The invention of the blockchain technology applied in the digitization of money brought about a huge turn around also in the economic sector and an even bigger economic revolution.

This particular revolution greatly steered the world into embracing cryptocurrencies. ASSETA aims to bring together these two phenomena, making them into a much more enticing, and greater innovation; a borderless cryptocurrency bank built on the blockchain.

Their goal is to create a strong and leading bank globally which would meet the needs of the contemporary man, to create a digital bank that is borderless, totally integrated in the financial technology market, easy to use, modern and inexpensive; all these based on the blockchain technology. With ASSETA, all bank transactions can be made at anywhere, anytime, conveniently, safely and for a reasonable amount with just one click.

Asseta Initial Coin Offering

The ASSETA ICO began on February 2, 2018 and would end on February 28, 2018. The total amount available for purchase is thirty-three million AST tokens, with a token price of 1000 AST equivalent to 1 ETH after soft cap, and 1300 AST equivalent to 1 ETH before soft cap (early investor bonus).

The soft cap and hard cap are 10,000 ETH and 30,000 ETH respectively. At the end of the ICO, the tokens would be made available for exchange within two weeks at a price higher than the ICO price.

The AST coin is an Ethereum based token (ERC 20) and are built on a very profitable and rapidly developing business platform. Ethereum has the advantages of high liquidity, high security and a user friendly interface.

Benefits Of Being An AST Coin Holder

• Tokens can be sold at profitable amounts immediately after the ICO.

• There are special offers for long time investors in AST tokens.

• Up to 50% discount on payments made for ASSETA services using AST coin for every token holder.

• For each release of new products and services by ASSETA, there would be a significant increase in the token price.


The ASSETA team consists of twelve well learned individuals who are experts in their fields and who aim to provide nothing but the best for the investors and would be investors of AST COIN and the ” fintech ” market as a whole. They include;

  • Lukas Zaranka : Chief Executive Officer
  • Martins Otavio : Chief Financial Officer
  • Yu Chong : Chief Technology Officer
  • Francesco Bianchi : Chief Risk Officer
  • Tomas Jaukanskas : investment expert
  • Tang Foong : Blockchain expert
  • Matas Pocius : Smart contract developer
  • Andre Portelli : Banking specialist
  • Alex Metaxas : Senior programmer
  • Ahmet Baris : Senior Designer
  • Janis Abele : Senior Security expert
  • Karolina Rimkute : Customer service

They also have behind them a seven man team of specialist advisors.

Join the revolution, invest in ASSETA as it brings to your fingertips the convenience of fast, easy, seamless banking and cryptocurrency investment on your fingertips. Always diversify when investing in cryptocurrencies by buying multiple coins and never investing more than you can afford to lose.

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