AssetBase is committed to closing the gap between physical assets and the blockchain, in line with what Vitalik Buterin, the Founder of Ethereum envisioned in 2010. Currently, there is no legal link between the tokens on blockchain and physical assets. This happens due to antiquated legislation that has existed for years and may not change in the near future. Secondly, different countries across the world have different laws regarding ownership and property rights.

AssetBase takes a step into the cryptocurrency space to allow individuals and businesses to put physical assets of any nature on the blockchain through its Proof of Secure Asset Protocol. Once you place your asset on the platform, AssetBase locks it and confirms its legitimacy to the currencies on the blockchain. You can see the details of your asset and of any other asset that is tokenized on the blockchain through the AssetBase network. Through AssetBase, you can tokenize any physical asset including:

  • Precious metals
  • Buildings
  • Cars
  • Houses and more

The platform also enables users to tokenize projects to allow a transparent peer-to-peer investing. This potential category has an untapped 3 trillion-dollar ecosystem with nearly no competitors.

AssetBase Categories

AssetBase provides its services in two main categories: Next generation and AssetBase verified.

Next Generation:

through the Proof of Secure Asset Protocol, AssetBase has created and launched new and innovative precious metal crypto coins on the blockchain. AssetBase embraces five precious-metal-backed cryptocurrencies, which users can redeem in pure physical metal. Besides, AssetBase has a network of vaults and partners. This is convenient for users who choose to redeem their assets and would like to have their metals delivered quickly and easily.

AssetBase Verified:

this category targets users who would like to tokenize their assets to put on the blockchain. In this process, AssetBase verifies, locks, and ensures the asset. Finally, it issues crypto coins to the owner. In addition, AssetBase also puts a detailed description on the website about that particular crypto coin, an analysis of its estimated value, and any risk associated with it. The process is transparent so it gives users confidence in using the coin. With thousands of crypto coins in the market, it is important to know that your crypto coins are AssetBase-verified.

AssetBase Key Functions

AssetBase features an innovative, community-guided foundation. Prime Donor Token (PDT) holders collectively steer the Foundation through voting on proposals. However, only holders with ten thousand or more Prime Donor Tokens (PDT) are allowed to make proposals.

AssetBase Token Details

Each holder of PDT tokens is entitled to a percentage of the micro fee revenue from AssetBase. For instance, 100% of all micro fees generated by AssetBase goes out to token holders automatically. Each holder gets a portion according to his or her share of the total amount of tokens. AssetBase collects fees on all its precious metal and asset crypto currencies, being the custodian of all the assets. PDT holders, therefore, enjoy a massive income portfolio of digital currencies.

Importantly, the pre-sale is on and the purchase method accepted is the standard Ethereum ERC20 token. More about AssetBase is available on their Whitepaper.

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