A long time ago even the brightest and the smartest scientific minds had to depend on their bare eyesight for making observations, however telescopes and microscopes totally changed this paradigm, and opened humanity’s eyes to a totally new and alien world. Today, these game changers are coming in the form of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

It is projected that by the year 2025 the VR/AR market will be selling $95 billion worth of Hardware and Software. The VR/AR devices will not only be limited to gaming but will have applications in surgery, education, transport and many other fields. It will make computer interactions more intuitive and collaborative than it is today.

Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up who want to be pioneers in the field of AR, MR and VR.

What Is Assistive Reality?

Assistive Reality is a project engendered by a team of go-ahead individuals consisting of Bio information expert, AI systems experts and people who have championed interface design, 3D modeling and a driving interest in human-augmentation technology. They collectively believe when you embed sufficiently exhaustive AI into AR software, the resulting product has a multiplier effect on human consistency, processing speed and memory. This in turn will potentially improve the human quality of life and prevent a categorical outstrip of human effort by AI.

The aim to push the boundaries of software, hardware and human integration to develop new solutions to problems currently consuming significant time and effort. They have conceptualized creating applications that will use intelligent AI systems to integrate with device sensors and cloud computing to provide assistance to the human wearer in their professional and home life.

Assistive Reality Augmented & Virtual ARX Token Blockchain Products


This is the underlying AR engine for all Assistive Reality products which ensures a professionally capable engine that drives all the user’s experiences. It is built in the native environment for each device.


Profession is a groundbreaking AR interface for use in the workplace. It is a flexible AI-driven multi-tool for modern professionals, allowing users to pick a job role then presenting to them in real-time AI assistance for that job with visual and verbal task/role help.

World 1:

World 1 is revolution in computing, a personal interface for the real world. It provides AI assistance, content-discovery, facial recognition, audio-video recording and biometric secured cloud profiles.


This is a cloud deployment zone for Assistive Reality applications backed by Microsoft Azure servers.

Assistive Reality ARX ICO Details

ARX is the official Assistive Reality digital currency in the form of ERC20 Ethereum token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Users consume ARX tokens when renting, purchasing or playing in Augmented Reality spaces and Corporate clients will use these tokens as part of their product licensing.

A small Pre-sale round is over which resulted in 2.25% of ARX tokens being sold. However, another round opens on 9th March, giving investors the opportunities to obtain the tokens for a cheaper rate than what is going to be available on iOS, Google Play and Windows Store.

A total of 318 million tokens are in supply of which 250 million is for the ICO, 8 million for presale, 16 million is for private sale packages, 12 million are frozen employee bonus tokens and 32 million tokens are for foundation fund allocation. Hard Cap is set at 55,000 ETH.

Assistive Reality Conclusion

Assistive Reality is one of a kind product with almost no competitors in sight. They plan to launch two of their products, World 1 and Spectrum in the second quarter of 2018. This will give them a massive head start over most companies venturing in AR/MR/VR and will prove to be a catalyst in adoption of the business and will also help increase commercial awareness and adoption of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contract technology.

More can be found out about Assistive Reality and their token(ARX) on their website aronline.io/


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