In the timeline of social networking, the objective of social media has remained unchanged all through its evolution. From Facebook to Twitter to Reddit, the primary goal of social media is to connect people first and foremost before anything else. The social media world is vast enough to contain all communities of people. Everyone has their own niche and perhaps there's nothing better than connecting with a group of people who share similar interests with you. The Asspace team is looking to add another niche of internet users to the ever growing community – the adult content niche.

What Is Asspace?

The Asspace team is working towards developing a social network web application free of restrictions for adults. The decentralized social network- is set to be a platform that will unite rookies and professionals who are both creative and liberal minded and are enthusiastic and passionate about producing adult content. Essentially, Asspace is introducing pornography to the blockchain. Users will be encouraged to create amateur content and as time progresses, that will give way to more professionally branded content. The primary aim of the Asspace team is to build a decentralized network for creating and viewing adult content with features that will disrupt traditional adult content consumption.

The Asspace ASP Token

The Asspace Token often denoted as ASP is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum platform and is set to be the first ever and likely only cryptocurrency for driving, processing and stimulating user activities in a private decentralized social network web application with adult content. The token will not just help users contribute towards the production of high quality and stimulating adult content, it will also offer token holders an opportunity to engage in certain parts of the production process like the script writing.


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising tool used for crowdsourcing of funds to raise capital for start up projects in the FinTech industry. The Asspace team is looking to use the ICO to raise money, create awareness and build up anticipation for the launch of their blockchain enterprise. The total supply cap for Asspace token is 100 billion ASP. The percentage funds distribution structure is as follows;

  • Pre-ICO 20% (20 billion ASP)
  • Public ICO – 50% (50 billion ASP)
  • Asspace team – 15% (15 billion ASP)
  • Bounties – 10% (10 billion ASP)
  • Reward program – 5 % (5 billion ASP)

The Pre-ICO kicked off on the 25th of October 2017 at 22:00:00 UTC and was concluded on New year's day 2018 at 22:00:00 UTC. A 150% bonus was offered to the investors in the pre-sale at an exchange rate of 2.5 million ASP per 1 ETH as compared to the public sale where the 1 million ASP will go for 1 ETH. The public sale is scheduled to start exactly a year after the start of the pre-ICO on the 25th of October 2018 at 22:00:00 UTC and just like the pre ICO, it will end on the 1st of January 2019 at 22:00:00 UTC. While the pre-sale had a hard cap of 8000 ETH, the hard cap for the crowd sale is set at 50,000 ETH.

ASSPACE Adult Social Space Crypto Network Conclusion

The Asspace team hopes to provide a satisfactory user experience by regularly providing fresh and high quality content based on users’ preferences which will be determined by likes, comments, posts etc. on the social network. For more information about the company and their ICO, visit their official website.

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