Ass Token is an amusing project for ass lovers. It aims at providing its users with premium ASS soon after they start using the token. The token is distributed to users and their friends through a tip bot created for reddit, discord, and telegram.

Ass Token also aims at creating a subreddit. Here, users will be able to submit pictures or gifs of their favorite ass. Other users of the Ass token could then tip the pictures or gifs. The AssToken is made up of an ASStronomical team of trained personnel that collectively have done over 1 million squats. The team is also experienced in tweaking and stealing hearts.

The AssToken Team

The team consists of:

  • Bubble Butt, she is the ASSet manager and handles all issues relating to wallets
  • Big Booty Judy, is the Technical ASSistant, who is involved in the development process of new ASSES
  • Juicy, she is the SR. ASSvisor and is responsible for the recruitment of ASSES and informing the team when there is new ASS in the blockchain
  • Sara, the HEAD DOCTOR at Ass token and is capable of sucking the life out your body

Collectively, the team is involved in creating a road map for the ass token. The road map has four stages as follows:

  • Location of the Assets: Bubble Butt locates the new assets
  • Development: The new assets are then developed and a squat counter is initiated for the ASSets
  • Testing : The developed ASSets are then tested to ensure they are round, phat and ready for the next stage
  • Moon: This is the final stage in the ass token road map. Here, the pants are removed and the purchased Assets are then released to the users. After this, it’s moon time!

Ass token aims to use crowdfunding as its source of financing for a period of 3 months. Tokens will be sold at an exchange rate of 1 Ethereum for 69,000. For those who purchase tokens during this period there will be 10% bonus. If there is a reminder of tokens after the crowdfunding period has elapsed then they will be burned to reduce the total supply of ass.

Why Choose AssToken?

Worthwhile Investment:

You can never really get enough of Ass. Considering the fact that currently ass tokens are offered at an exchange rate of 1 Ethereum for 69,000 asses an investment in Asstoken will be a worthwhile one.

Secure and Safe:

Since the ass token is on the Ethereum blockchain, you can be guaranteed that it is safe, secure and doesn’t contain any viruses.

Nagging Free:

Asstoken promises that it will not nag, bitch around, or complain when you want ass.

Quality Ass:

Ass token ensure that once you buy ass from us it is of top quality and will not infect you.

Location of Ass:

By use of Ethereum Explorer, you will be able to know where your ass is 24/7.

Interested users can join the community as early as now and start utilizing its services.

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