Astronaut Capital

Did you know that ICOs have managed to raise over $1.3 billion (and still counting) in 2017? Astronaut Capital provides you with a unique service of helping you capitalize on the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Through a single token, ASTRO, investors will be in a position to unlock the unlimited potential that lies in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Why Astronaut Capital?

After thorough research and overwhelming feedback from respondents, the firm found out that most people faced three major problems when it came to ICOs: trust, accessibility and efficient management of tokens. Therefore, Astronaut steps in to provide investors with token-based service that gives them unlimited access to verified ICOs each month.

Over time, Astronaut has won the trust of many investors as a rich and dependable source of information on high growth investment opportunities. With one ASTRO, an investor can access a basket load of verified tokens for that month. Backed by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, a strong technical infrastructure and the ever promising revolution of block chain technology, the only way is up for ASTRO.

ASTRO Token  Benefits

  • Token appreciation – Due to rising value in underlying tokens invested by Astronaut, the value of ASTRO will also appreciate and easily be traded on the numerous exchanges available.
  • Access to transparent information on tokens – This will be through the Astronaut app that gives token holders updates on asset allocation and allows them to gauge performance.
  • Quarterly dividends – Every three months you will receive bonus in regards to your holdings at a fixed percentage that’ll be professionally edited. Proceeds will be received in ETH.
  • Exchange liquidity and capital gain – 50% of profits made on Astronaut will be given back to Token holders via ETH.

ASTRO Token Timelines

Stage 1: 20th Sep – 3,000,000 tokens available for pre-sale with subscribers receiving 30% discount

Stage 2: 25th Sep – Maximum of 7,000,000 tokens available where subscribers receive 20% discount

Stage 3: 30th Sep – Maximum of 10,000,000 tokens available with a 10% discount to subscribers

Stage 4: 5th Oct – Token sale closes with remaining tokens numbering to 6,400,000 available for purchase at the cost of $1 each

15th Nov – Exchange listing of ASTRO token. Investors receive tokens and are encouraged to hold it in ERC20 compatible wallet

1st Dec – The Astronaut portfolio tracker is released. 30th Dec – Token holders receive their first dividend

How Will Astronaut Capital Operate?

As an investor you will experience transparency through an app that lets you track portfolios, alerts on upcoming investments as well as quarterly bonuses. Transparency is a key pillar at Astronaut; hence investors will scrutinize and audit transactions and portfolio performance through an open ledger. Continuous efforts are on-going to ensure that investors have total visibility on the daily operations of Astronaut capital.

Investors can rest easy knowing that tokens approaching ICO are actively monitored and measures to exit or stop losses are technically executed. Being a part of Astronaut takes away the guesswork from participating in ICOs by carrying out the necessary due diligence.

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