ASUS Cryptocurrency Mining Card RX 470 GPU Mining Hash Rate

The Asus Radeon RX 470 is a slightly less prominent model within the RX range, although it has an underlying advantage over other models. The unique characteristic is that RX 470 from ASUS has a specific focus on cryptocurrency mining. As you will get to see with our next benchmark, the GPU card focuses on improving the efficiency in extraction of Ethereum and other forms of altcoins.

Without dwelling too much on the economics, the Asus Radeon also has a very competent GPU card with a full HD and the latest AAA titles for an efficient power process. First of all, those individual features make it worth mentioning that the card is more powerful than its predecessors with its simplified output system.

Specs and Features of the GPU card

The Asus version of RX 470 comes without a Display port, HDMI connectors but is equipped with a couple of tweaks to have it perform better at the crypto mining. Similar to another model of RX, the ASUS Radeon RX 470 will feature a 4GB RAM with a GDDR5 and 2048 stream processors.

Not to mention there are also 926/1206 MHz base clocks to keep you on tracks of your mining operation. However, this model has slower clock speed as the base clock speed sits at 926 MHz which is less potent than the RX 480

For the more technical part, the Radeon RX 470 runs on Polaris chips, which is common among other forms of microelectronics. Although a standard feature, this is probably the most critical element in making the whole card more power efficient. To add to that, the RX 470 also get the same 256-bit bus that comes with a memory bandwidth size of 211 GB/s.

Pros of Using the ASUS Cryptocurrency Mining Card RX 470

  • A super-cooling system- the use of ball-bearing fans ensures there is constant cooling that functions 24/7 without having to break each time. The design provides the whole unit can handle the continuous workload.
  • Non-stops mining operations– the ASUS Radeon RX470 is made to facilitate constant mining operations to ensure admirable returns
  • Power to modify- the improvising of a GPU tweak allows for the user to alter the memory clock, GPU clock, and voltage to experience the best hash rate.
  • Longer lifespan- with a ball-bearing fan there is less friction, and consequently, this means an improvement in the quality of the lifespan.

Cons of the ASUS Cryptocurrency Mining Card RX 470

There is little I could say negative about the product as some do rank it among the best GPU card for crypto mining. However, there are customer reviews that do stand out with negative sentiments. Most of these mention that most of the time the Radeon RX 470 tends to overheat, and this is a point of concern. Apart from that, there isn't more on the downsides of the GPU card.

What’s the Take on its Use For Mining?

Is the ASUS Radeon RX470 graphics card a groundbreaking device for crypto mining? Not really. The central and apparent reason is that the GPU card is only powerful due to its tweaks and modification. Other than that, several features are less powerful compared to other RX models. However, if you intend to focus on mining alone, you could try the device out if you feel you can match the price.


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