According to its official website, Atlantico network is a decentralized insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical platform that functions on the blockchain system. It organizes secure and remote interactions in the pharmaceutical and medical products and services. It helps build transparent relationships without risks to improve the quality and the level of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Who Is ATLANTICO Blockchain Medical Health Services For?

The platform will be of use to the following industry players:


The platform will help pharmacies to sell genuine and high-quality drugs at flexible prices thus helping them get more customers.

Medical Centers

Atlantico network ensures the medical centers have high-quality and professional staff as well as diagnostic and medical equipment, thus helping the patients to rate the medical centers positively.

Manufacturers Of Pharmaceutical Goods

With the platform, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products will be able to track the drugs right from the point of manufacture up to where it reaches the end user. This will enable them to fight the counterfeiting vice in the pharmaceuticals. Thus the manufacturers get a proper evaluation by drug users and can improve the quality of their products.


Patients can get affordable and quality medical services. The system can track the process from diagnosis to treatment to the pharmaceuticals consumed, regardless of where they are located.

Insurance Companies

The platform will help the insurance companies not to be deceived by medical centers and professionals, as every insured event will be audited. This will ensure insurance companies do not suffer losses.

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesalers

With this platform, the wholesalers can track the movement of drugs from the point of manufacture to the end user. This will increase their revenue collection and help them when expanding to target bigger markets.


The doctors will have to give their patients high-quality services and give them quality drugs to meet the patient’s satisfaction.



The analysis given is solely based on the ratings and comments of patients.

On the Atlantico platform, the quality of services and pharmaceutical products is in control. Besides, the platform helps fight counterfeits in the pharmaceutical industry. Importantly, insurance companies can now fight fraudulent partners in the field.

ATLANTICO Network ATL Token ICO Details

The platform uses ATL tokens as the accepted currency. ATL is the cryptographic software used in the Atlantico network Platform. The tokens give the opportunity for token holders to receive dividends from the platform’s profits. The price of 1 ATL is 0.0001 ETH and for you to purchase you must register on the website. The ATL token can also be purchased using Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), USD($) and Neo(NEO). The Atlantico pre-sale starts in about 10 hours from the time of writing.

During the sale of tokens, there will be a maximum of 250,000,000 tokens to reward the platform users. 250 million tokens for IPO and stock exchange listing and another 250 million that will remain with the Atlantico team. The tokens will be paid for from a cryptocurrency exchanger wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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